This episode is full of hot topics for this week; before we get into that we need to say thanks to a couple other listeners that shared with us stories of jerking off at work! Keep ’em cumming boys! turnipHed quickly touches on international travel again, especially expectations Canadians can have coming home with regard to their privacy. In short; YOU HAVE NONE!

A huge shout out to our friends at Made in Tyne and Wear in the UK who were recognized at the Royal Television Society Awards for their contribution to the LGBTQ+ Community for their work on Made With PrideTV, which was only supposed to be a 12 week project and is celebrating their 1 year anniversary today!

turnipHed is NOT kidding when he says you need to tune into this multi-media platform broadcast. Learn more from their Facebook Page. We are very proud of all of you. Keep up the good work!

Now we can get into it with reviews on two thongs; one from the new label HONCHO and another one from DADDY. We also talk about some gear we received from good friend of the show “RT CRUISER” who was just here visiting us from Australia.

On the lifestyle side we talk about; poppers are still a hot topic in Canada with a recent seizure, 15 HIV Activists have been called out for being SEXY AS FUCK and one of them is the brains behind an amazing new web series called THE MESS.

Mack Beggs a transgendered dude in Texas is forced to wrestle with the girls due to the anti-trans policies in place and we wrap it up with asking the question you all want to know, “how much pee really is in the pool?”

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