After a 2 week hiatus, we are back in the bunker and had a few things to discuss. Let’s just dive right in and get to the “down and dirty” of it all. 

A little housekeeping stuff to go over as we start then we dive into our topics; Day of Pink (not to be confused with Pink Shirt Day), Politician hypocrisy, Steamworks Toronto admission policies, Reconciling the relationship between the LGBTQ Community and Toronto Police Service, No cock for Spiderman, Awkward (yet sexy) photos of men in shorts from the 70s, How to shower with a buddy.

turnipHed got some new Ergowear gear that he wants to talk about and then picked up a couple other things to talk about.

Finally, Pride & Remembrance Run is coming up so that means we will be hitting you up for money and lots of it. Plus turnipHed closes out with a “WTF is wrong with you?” moment.

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