In order to make room for upcoming seasons we had to remove Season 03 and archive it.  You can purchase the entire season here and directly support TURNIPSTYLE or you can enjoy all our episodes, starting back to episode 01 of Season 03 at REVRY, along with a huge library of other amazing LGBTQ content.


Season 03 of THE VOT was our first season with REVRY and did we ever cover a lot of topics. Chem sex, Pride Celebrations, Black Lives Matter, Discrimination within the LGBTQ Community are just some of the hot topics we discussed in our lifestyle section.

When it came to gear we had reviews, interviews with porn actors, designers and vendors. We even had contest giveaways and the best part was listener feedback.

We invite you to download the season directly from us and help support us cover the costs of publishing and producing both TURNIPSTYLE and THE VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE.

If you want to check out more LGBTQ content as well as THE VOT check out all of our friends at REVRY.


REVRY is the world’s first Queerated Streaming Service chock full of LGBTQ content. Membership is $4.99 per month, first month free and you get a special discount when you use coupon code “turnip” at checkout.


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