You can face some hesitations with making a purchase because you are not sure about the cut, fit, proper size or quality of the garment.

What if it doesn’t suit you at all?

That is why we do reviews!

How does it work? Well, either we buy ourselves some gear that we are interested in, wear it and then tell you about it here and on THE VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE.

If we are lucky we will be sent samples from vendors and designers. They will ask us to test out the items and let them and you all know what we think.

Our reviews are open, honest, genuine and we like to keep them casual. There is no difference between a review on gear we buy or is sent to us.




NEWSLETTER – At the end of the each month we will send out a newsletter that highlights all the gear that we reviewed that month. This is a great way to stay on top of all the items we have reviewed and perhaps even broaden some of your horizons.

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