TURNIP STYLE was born 15 years ago, when TURNIPHED started his own blog after much encouragement from his partner at the time.

More like the partner was encouraging me (TURNIPHED) to write and then the name fell into place and 15 years later, here we are.

The nickname TURNIPHED was given to me, under quite sentimental reasons and is inspired by the character Turnip Head in Howl’s Moving Castle. It then became my “nom-de-plume” and TURNIP STYLE was created.

For most of its existence, TURNIP STYLE has been a blog or magazine inspired by underwear, swimwear and fetish gear. It started as a critic/review blog and grew over the years to touch on many subjects familiar with queer men.

For a number of years The VOICE OF TURNIPSTYLE became the partner podcast with the magazine and we touched on even more topics and were able to include and even larger community of queer men.

Then some really shitty life stuff happened and we had to step away.

Now after a 2 years hiatus; TURNIP STYLE is back. Back with a new energy and a wider focus.

I want to expand the topics covered here while improving on what TURNIP STYLE is already known for. I want to see TURNIP STYLE become even more of a safe space for queer folks that want to share and learn and create a supportive community.

In the past, having 2 very different voices and perspectives when giving reviews on the same products is part of what made TURNIP STYLE stand out. I look to carry on with that as much as possible across other areas.

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You are encouraged to leave comments on posts, take part in surveys, engage us on the socials.

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