It was a number of weeks ago when I stumbled on the creativity of Ben Howell when he released a video on YouTube. He knocked us all over with his remix of Dua Lipa’s Hallucinate and the BBC News intro-music.

That was all it took. I was hooked. I had all I needed, to know that Ben Howell was one to follow.


Performed by: Ben Howell, Venn Smyth

Written by: Jack Gourlay, Steven Smith

Taking a listen to this remix of Venn Smyth‘s song Burn Me, with the above mentioned remix still in my mind; I feel a sense of welcoming in the energy. It’s like the “hum of engines” in the deck plates. The kind of energy from music that just makes its way up your soles and into your soul. You can’t help but be drawn in.

There is an energy in the spirit of what Ben has brought to ‘Burn Me’, that makes me just want to get up and move. I think the term is called “bop”. wink wink.

Do not get me wrong when I say hum. This is definitely not a sleeper. This is a “throw it on your playlist, get your walking or running gear on, and wiggle your ass down the street” kind of song.

When you check out Ben Howell’s YouTube Channel you see that he is teasing us with a “Rain On Me” remix….and the wait is killing me!

[We missed my Summer birthday for a remix release date and I can tell you as sure as heck I am hoping I don't have to wait for my Winter Birthday for this "bop".]

Clearly, Ben Howell loves music and takes his time with his creations and knows how to get it right. All worth it. I certainly am hooked and look forward to much more.