How do you use aromatherapy and fragrance in your space?

As the weather turns slightly cooler, I tend to start diffusing essential oils to compliment my frequent incense usage.

Usually in fall and winter, with the windows in my flat closed more often, or all the time, I tend to slow down on the incense burning because of the extra dust – and I hate cleaning.

I love having everything showroom clean. Sadly, for me, I am not “the person” (with the patience) to make things showroom clean.

Nonetheless, I soldier on best I can. Wink wink.

This past couple of weeks, I have been adding LIME oil to my blends. Just to keep things fresh and quite honestly lime is one of my favourite essences.

How do you use aromatherapy in your space?

Lime essential oil is quite volatile. (This is why bartenders can do that fancy flash burn thing with your lime twist) so the fragrance tends to be “forwardly present” for the first 10 to 15 minutes.

I don’t think find it abrasive, but it is definitely a shift in the energy in the room; which quite frankly is the point.

Whether it be spicy or fruity, that first 10 to 15 minutes when there is lime in the air, I can’t help but be reminded of the smell of freshly squeezed lime on the dancing fizz atop the perfect Rum & Cola cocktail. That moment when you life the glass to your mouth and the bubbles and fizz tickles your nose and you can smell that fresh pithy smell of lime.

Infusing fragrance into my home has always created a cozy and warm, welcoming environment for me to either work in, relax in and always feel safe in.

Lately the switch to oils, especially the lime oil, has had a notable affect on improving my mood.

Which has had me wondering. Do you also have similar practices? Has the pandemic changed these habits at all? Has it been helping more or less than usual?

Leave me some comments below…love to hear what you have to say!