Man on Toilet Reading Paper

Is anyone else out there cringing when thinking about the environmental impact of everyone uselessly hoarding toilet paper and other cleaning products?

I will use toilet paper to illustrate my line of thinking.

There is now a mass number of people who have gone out like mad and bought up all the toilet paper in preparation should they catch a respiratory illness and have to stay home.

Once this mass of people realize that “the end of the world” isn’t coming and that they would like to reconvert their “Emergency Toilet Paper Supply Bunker” back into their spare bedroom or garage; they are going to start doubling or even tripling up on their usage.

Flushing 2 to 3 times the toilet paper, putting extra strain on the city’s resources and then of course the strain on the environment and our fresh water supply.

I mean, really people, how much toilet paper would you need for 14 days if you were quarantined?

Wait, I got it! I finally made the connection between respiratory illness and toilet paper. These people have their heads so far up their asses; 2 birds 1 stone. Right?