launching the mv ermis line - turnip style

The new Modus Vivendi Ermis line boasts stylish swimwear that sits low on the hips (a huge turn on for many) and a stripped pattern, inspired by Hermes’ sandal wings, on the back.

Fast drying material, of course, means that this sexy swimwear goes from pool deck and laps to lunch on the lanai or cocktails on the beach, effortlessly. Stylish. Sexy. Sophisticated.

Internal drawstrings finish of the waistband to keep lines crisp. However, fret not, the strings are long enough to drape outside, as one should. Strings out boys!

One can definitely appreciate the Greek influence here aside from the Wings of Hermes; the crisp contrast of Blue and White will be sure to catch every eye.

It bears repeating. Stylish. Sexy. Sophisticated. The entire collection is well thought out and offers you some sexy mix-match combinations that are perfect for that weekend away.

Visit Modus Vivendi today to shop the Ermis Line. Do not forget to SNAP the STRAP.

launching the mv ermis line - turnip style