pencil sharpener on desk


pencil sharpener on desk

To the best of my knowledge; the size of pencils (circumference) has NOT changed in all the years I have been on this planet.


Could someone explain to me why it is STILL so FUCKING HARD to find a pencil sharpener that will consistently and “properly” sharpen my pencil?


I remember queuing up as a young child to sharpen my pencil with my classmates. Mainly to waste class time of course; and walking back to my desk with my “stick of mangled disappointment” that was supposed to be my writing utensil.


I mean we can “pretend” that we have made advancements in technology. Today, we can talk to our electronics, and our lights will magically turn on, like it was Star Trek, but that never goes right 100% of the time either.


Now, I have been sitting here trying to sketch out some ideas with another pathetic stick of mangled disappointment of the HB persuasion.


Maybe because we never focused on the simple things first. Like pencil sharpeners.


And right now I just want a properly sharpened pencil. And maybe some candles. Google Home has been very obstinate lately.


Suggestions? Anyone? Anyone? NE1?

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