man drinking water after his work out
mature gentleman drinking water after a workout - sadly we cant quite see up his shorts...

We often take it for granted. It just is there at our fingertips. Running. Clean. Cold when we want to drink it. Hot when we want to bathe.

We also all know that humans are made up mostly of water and yet many do not know that they are running on or very close to dehydration. Usually, and this is going to sound judgmental, yet, it holds some truth, the people that understand water are the ones “we” make fun.

“THOSE” people are the ones that have the fancy water bottles.

Some of “THOSE” people even have fruits or strange leaves floating in their water and we all make fun of them for being “weird”.

Well “weird” or not, “those” folks are doing it right.

We need water.

Sure we may all “drink” a lot of fluids. Coffee, tea carbonated sweetened beverages, and cocktails do not count. (I tried)

The “professionals” recommend that adults drink 2 litres of water a day. That is a half-gallon, 64 fluid ounces or 8 x 8oz of water a day. But, you may need more. Rumor also has it that drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up, is the perfect way to BOOT UP your system in the morning.

Sweating is the most obvious way we lose our water. It is also the best way we cleanse our skin. From the inside out. Sweat. Shower. Repeat. (Bring a friend when you repeat the process, it is a lot more fun then)

Sweating keeps your skin looking healthy young and fresh. Don’t be afraid to sweat.

man drinking water after his work out