man doing yoga in his apartment

I have been following, some of you quite closely I will admit, as people post on their social media platforms; progress on & gripes about their “altered” work out regime, due to physical distancing and other preventative health measures as outlined by health officials.

More so, I have been focused on those of you that are posting positively about your experiences. Not so much as a show off but more so in a “wow didn’t think I’d get such a good work out in” or even better is “wow when did that bump and groove start to grow?”

That leads me to asking these questions and I would love to hear your responses; just leave a comment in the comment section below.

  1. What have you learned about yourself since you have made changes to your exercise routine?
  2. What achievements have you made since changes?
  3. What are you able to do better now; versus than when you were going to the gym?
  4. Has the need to be creative made working out fun again?

Drop a few notes in the comments below; or if your experience is more personal, feel free to just email me directly.

I hope to hear from ya!

Cheers, turnip.