practice safe sun

WOW – We have been issued our first heat event of the season; from today through to Wednesday. Ain’t it the shits we are in lock-down?

Nonetheless, I am seeing a lot of peeps on their balconies (as I am on my balcony from time to time) and in their yards; all laying there as naked as they want to be, soaking up the sun.

Just while you are out there – make sure you are going extra on the SPF.

If you are going to be following quarantine guidelines and make it out of this pandemic CORONA VIRUS FREE – please, don’t let cancer be waiting for you at the end of the ride.

Practice Safe Sun - Man reading a book on the beach as the waves lap at his feet.

Make sure you are following best practices when you are applying your sunscreen. Exercise your SPF to the fullest.

  1. Apply your first layer of sunscreen about 30 minutes before you venture outside. Make sure you get all the spots (burning the tops of your ears I do NOT recommend). This allows the sunscreen and your skin to get to know each other and BIND to give you a more solid protection.
  2. Re-apply every 2 hours UNLESS you have been swimming or working out and sweating. Then you really need to re-apply the sunscreen immediately.
  3. Make sure you are drinking enough water.