Man wearing HEADPHONES stretching in the cold

Hi there! I need your help. I need new “ear speakers” of some sort. The dude in this photo needs some serious help IMHO…it looks just way too cold to be out running around…

Man wearing HEADPHONES stretching in the cold

But seriously. I have been using some Jaybird X3 ear buds and I have not been happy since day 1. Okay maybe not day 1 maybe like sometime within the first 3 months.

Connectivity is the worst for these. I think that maybe, if being generous, 30% of the time I have worn these I had zero problems. Otherwise, I am always losing the connection, music or sound breaks up and either Spotify or Pocket Cast will stop playback.

Another issue is I have never been 100% thrilled with the sound. I know that I did not pay a lot for the Jaybird X3, however, I have some cheap headphones & earbuds in the studio for extra guests that have a richer sound.

What I want to do with these new “ear speakers” is wear them when I am out running errands or I am exercising. Be it walking and, if I am lucky enough, again when I am running. The biggest thing is I want to be able to hear the beat over the traffic zipping past me.

I think I prefer earbuds instead of over the ear. Especially in summer; but also for lack up bulk. If I am walking to the pub to meet my buds, I really don’t want to have to drag around my bulky headphones.

Please…share your ideas and links!