An opportunity arose for me to get my hands on some traditional Turkish Style Towels. Made from 100% cotton, they are super absorbent and they dry super fast; the biggest ‘catch’ is they are not “terry cloth”. The fabric is straight, flat, woven cotton. Plus, they are gorgeous!

CACALA Sultan Series Turkish Bath Towels – Traditional Peshtemal Design for Bathrooms, Beach, Sauna – 100% Natural Cotton, Ultra-Soft, Fast-Drying

I want to buy bolts of this fabric and make everything out of Turkish cotton. I mean everything like, my bed sheets, shirts, a big robe, towels and just so much more.

This summer the new habit will be when stepping out of the shower or out of the pool. One towel I will wrap around my waist and the other bunched up around my neck to dry my hair and then I am off.

Best way to dry off is to just let the fabric soak up the moisture from your skin instead of vigorously rubbing away.

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