Well we have done it again. Even though you’ve not seen us around…we are still here and we are doing it again! Pride and Remembrance Run 2019!

So that means while we are the ones sliding on the spandex and sweating our way around the 3K course…we want you to open up your wallets and show us your love and support and part with some of your cash!

There are options on how you can share your live, support and desire to help LGBTQ Community grow stronger.

The Pride and Remembrance Run is extremely important for both UrbanGuyTO and turnipHed. We have both experienced losses close to us and last year we were all reeling from the discovery of a serial killer in our midst.

It definitely felt more like a Remembrance run than a Pride Run.

This year, we are encouraging you to TURNIP YOUR PRIDE and join us in waving our “flag” this 2019 Pride Season.

  1. You can donate directly to our team at
  2. You can visit TURNIP THE SWEAT and get yourself in some of our exclusive and STYLISH Athletic Gear designed by turnipHed. Part of the sale of from the Athletic Gear and T-Shirts will go directly to our Pride Run pledges.
  3. Add an extra donation to your TURNIP THE SWEAT order.

This year we have some exciting BENEFICIARIES that will benefit from our STRENGTH, DETERMINATION and RESOLVE as well as our SWEAT!

Let’s All Sweat Together!