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We were just thinking and had a question about the underwear habits of our discerning readers.

We want to know if our guys out there have specific underwear habits and one of the questions that came up was…

Do Guys Have Specific Underwear for Specific Tasks?

Bare with us here a little. We all wear specific pieces of clothing or protective gear or work uniforms in some aspects of our life. Even something as simple as wearing different shoes when it rains.

Keeping that in mind do you have;

  • work underwear (underwear that you only wear to work)
  • play underwear (underwear that you only wear on your time off)
  • workout gear (only referring to undergarments ie jockstraps only for working out)

If you say yes to either of those; then please vote YES. (We will ask about the undies you wear for the real “play” time, soon!)

If you wear whatever, when ever please vote NO.

Do You Wear "Different Undies" on your Days Off?

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Thanks heaps! We appreciate it!