I found this to be mesmerizing, very tranquil, made me miss running so much….I so wish I could get back to running.

This video is a celebration of the beauty of the male nude body as it runs in absolute freedom, in a natural and wild environment.

The body movements are a powerful stimulus for the spectator to experience aesthetic pleasure and sensuality.

While this can be seen as purely sexual, I don’t think it is, it is as the artist describes, the human male form in nature doing what is natural.

Try and appreciate it for that…

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Andrew Christian Laurel Running Shorts

I used to have a pair of these; the Andrew Christian Laurel Running Shorts, they were awesome.  They were my favourite shorts to wear when I was running every day. ((Damn I miss those days)) Unfortunately, I do not have these any more.  They mysteriously disappeared from my collection.  No...

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Hospital Clinic Update

Just wanted to give a quick update to those that have been asking about me lately. Again I really appreciate all of your messages and concern and well wishes… You keep my spirits and energy ((as much energy as I can muster)) up and I have to say that means...

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Are You Covering Your Spandex?

You’ve probably seen it.  Maybe you even do it.  Guys running, working out at the gym or mountain biking with their spandex shorts peeking out from under something else. Maybe you’ve seen the guys who wear bicycle shorts with underwear.  Or worse yet for me, guys in running tights with shorts pulled...

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