This week we delve into topics such as; comfortable underwear that doesn’t squash your bits, showing in the wind. We touched on Ru Paul’s recent podcast, co hosted by the fabulous Michelle Visage, with Jason Carter and Miles Davis Moody, on the topic of objectification and having a big fucking package!

We also talk about hot cops in spandex, crazy underwear from Andrew Christian and how much you boys need to check out HisRoom.

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EYE CANDY: 307768.4

Here are some photos that we have collected recently that we wanted to share with you! Enjoy!

You can always be part of the fun. Email us Eye Candy or if you see a hot dude on the street, snap a photo and upload to Instagram, Twitter or on our Facebook Page with the hashtag #squirrelTS.

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EYE CANDY: 307798

Hey, it has been a while since we have posted some eye candy for you. So here you are!

Now just to clarify; eye candy are professionally taken photos, or look like they are posed for, whereas SQUIRREL photos are just everyday dudes in everyday situations.

Which one is your favourite?

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EYE CANDY: 30855.5

I am looking forward to recording tonight with UrbanGuyTO.  Right now we are most likely briefing and having dinner before coming back up to the turnipStyle studios. Enjoy the hunks boys!  WOOF!  Keep It Geared!

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Eye Candy: 308126.7

We have been WAY overdue for some eye candy.  Sorry I haven’t been posting any lately, if you listened to our last podCast you would understand why. Enjoy boys!

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