This week we delve into topics such as; comfortable underwear that doesn’t squash your bits, showing in the wind. We touched on Ru Paul’s recent podcast, co hosted by the fabulous Michelle Visage, with Jason Carter and Miles Davis Moody, on the topic of objectification and having a big fucking package!

We also talk about hot cops in spandex, crazy underwear from Andrew Christian and how much you boys need to check out HisRoom.

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That’s right – Share the Shaft! We were a little short on this one but hey still brought you some good content! Snap the Strap Fines for Sagging in Louisiana First Speedo Experience shared by a Listener Gay/Bi Men giving blood Snap and share your underwear sightings Ask Us a...

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Episode 15: This Is a Hard One

So in this episode we catch up, share our week with you, turnipHed had a really rough week but he got a really hot nurse! Toronto teachers want to participate in Pride but want public nudity banned?

A couple really good causes were worthy of mention ((links are above)) finished off with turnipHed doing a review, UrbanGuyTo grabbing some drawers from turnipHed’s drawers, as well as he brings us a blast from the past!

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