It was a grey JM thong purchased from the men’s underwear section of the Eaton store, at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, when it was going out of business.

The JM thong didn’t quite fit properly as it was a bit too big, the proportions felt wrong and at first, I couldn’t get used to the feel of the strap.

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I always get excited and turned on when I get to try new gear and when turnipHed suggested I review Good Devil’s Zoom Thong and offered me up a pair from his personal collection, I just couldn’t turn him down!

Good Devil Zoom ThongThe colours in this Good Devil collection are fantastic (the one I am reviewing being a bright orange); offering a pop of colour to brighten any season especially the long winter months we here in Canada are now all too soon preparing for.

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My daddy led me to the bed where he instructed me to get on all fours. The jockstrap revealed while at the same time concealed and made for easy access, as I soon discovered, to one of my most treasured assets. I loved the sensation of being exposed. I soon felt daddy’s eager hands on my strapped ass cheeks as he spread me open, which was followed by the warmth of his breath and the firmness of his probing tongue as he began eating me out.

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