Advertise with turnipStyle and The Voice of turnipStyle to increase your exposure.  We offer two types of advertising; banners and audio podcast advertisements.


Use your attractive banner advertisements to grab our readers’ attention and increase your sales. 

We offer banner advertising in the following dimensions;

  • 300 by 250 pixels
  • 728 by 90 pixels
  • 970 by 90 pixels
  • 522 by 177 pixels

We have placements available on our homepage, embedded in article pages and in our side bar. All with top visibility.

We offer the following options to increase your marketing objectives;

  • Geo-targeting
  • CPM or Monthly packages

How it Works…

Once you select the package that is right for you, you will be contacted to provide the following;

  • The graphic file or the URL, in the dimensions for the package you selected; gif, jpeg, jpg, png
  • The URL you wish your advertisement to point to
  • If you selected “monthly” package we will need the dates
  • If you wish to Geo-Target, what region or regions are you targeting or excluding (one or the other)
  • If you wish to limit your advertisement showing only certain times of day
  • The email address you wish to use to communicate and manage your advertisements

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.


Reach a Larger Audience…

The Voice of turnipStyle is the ONLY podcast that is out there that talks to gay, bisexual and transgendered men about; underwear, swimwear and fetish gear reviews with a body positive and sex positive attitude. We also discuss lifestyle topics that gay, bisexual and transgendered men face each day.

The Voice of turnipStyle (VOT) is released weekly. We record Wednesday evenings and release the show on Fridays. We release approximately 24 episodes a season and 2 seasons per year, with breaks for holidays.

The Voice of turnipStyle is available to listen to and download directly from as well as being syndicated on; REVRY, iTunes, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher Radio and GooglePlay.

We offer a two strategies for podcast advertising;

  • The industry standard where a full package is purchased as the sole sponsor of the podcast. This consists of a 15 second spot at the beginning of the show and a 60 second spot during the show. No other “for profit” advertisements will be played during the podcast, community announcements or promotion of turnipStyle projects and products are exempt.
  • Alternatively, we will make available 15 and 60 second independent spots for shows that are not already sponsored.

How it Works…

After you select the package you wish to acquire for your podcast sponsorship or advertisement, we will contact you for the following information;

  • The copy you wish to use for the advertisement or the talking points you wish us to cover. We will then create our own copy, which you will need to approve before we use it.
  • The date of the show(s) you wish to sponsor or have your advertisement run.
  • The URL you want listeners to be directed to.

How it Happens…

Prior to launching into the main content, the host will talk about the sponsor’s product or service for 15-seconds.

During the show, typically inserted somewhere in the 40 – 70% mark of the podcast episode, the host(s) will talk about the sponsor’s product or service for 60-seconds this time, often sharing a personal story if possible.

Pricing is based on CPM scale, for direct downloads, which does not include our larger syndicated audience at this time.

Any questions? Simply contact us, we would love to hear from you.



95% of the items that we review, we pay for ourselves. Regardless, sometimes things don't go the way we plan them to go and when that happens we clean up the items really good and then put them up for sale in our shop at a deep discount for you to grab for yourself.

If you don't see anything there and would like to support us directly feel free to make a donation. We would love it! Another way to support us would be to visit and shop at our friends below.


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