turnipHed has been into gear for as long as he can remember, even before he realised he was into gear.

Now turnipHed is the Chief Editor at turnipStyle as he tries to create, promote and curate a body and sex positive lifestyle magazine for Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered men.

turnipHed is also one of the hosts of the podcast The Voice of turnipStyle as well as the producer.

The Voice of turnipStyle is of course an extension of the magazine but also the only podcast that brings you the latest in Underwear, Swimwear and Fetish Gear.

Recently, turnipHed started a venture he has been wanting to work on for a long time and is currently trying to be the creative mind behind [ TURNIP TEEZ ] which offers funky and fun t-shirts and other graphic materials. Check out TURNIP TEEZ.com today!

To get a personal glimpse at turnipHed and what quirky things make him tick and sometimes tock, visit The Pool Is Closed.com

turnipHed in new GearMany people ask me where the name turnipHed comes from. I wrote a piece a while back on “How turnipHed Got His Name” that you can read if you want to get the background.

That is when all the writing started. turnipHed started out turnipStyle as his own personal journal, with comments and observations shared about his daily life and interactions with people.

That was fun and all but it was lacking something, turnipHed just couldn’t quite put a finger on it.

turnipHed Catching Some SunIt was about this time that turnipHed dropped his junk into a proper, ergonomically constructed pair of underwear and he was hooked.

If he had the funds he would have immediately replaced every single pair of underwear that he had in his drawer for pairs like his new undies.

Then it all fell into place from there. The desire to explore quality underwear and swimwear kept growing and growing. One day turnipHed was invited to be a guest writer on another blog about underwear and it all spiralled into what we have here.

turnipHed was born and raised in Edmonton, went to college to study Travel Consulting Management. Did he internship under the supervision of a self employed Travel Consultant and even worked as an office manager for a Travel Consulting firm.

That was his in, into the world of travel. Ever since his first trip at 5, turnipHed wanted to fly. It wouldn’t be until years later and moving out to Québec for a number of years that he finally made it to become part of the In Flight team at a major Canadian airline.

turnipHed Hooked UpThat lasted 5 years until there was an accident involving turnipHed tearing his shoulders and having to be grounded from flying.  While working on the ground at the airport, turnipHed discovered that he could get interested in running, so he started running every day up to 5km a day.

Then that all fell apart too. He was running his best 5km ever and then he collapsed. Only after a few more incidents and trips to the ER was the true diagnosis found. Congestive heart failure, dilated cardiomyopathy, left branch bundle blockage and an ejection factor of 20%.  It was not good.

A number of surgeries later, equipped with an Internal Cardio Defibrillator, turnipHed continues his recovery and getting stronger so he can return to working full time again at the airport.

Best FriendsBringing it back to turnipStyle, you will find turnipHed doing reviews of gear that he has bought and tried out, giving you his honest opinion, even included in those reviews, in the Gear Room you will find discussions about sex and toys.

The podcast has been a project that turnipHed has really enjoyed. The creative process and discipline on the meta side is found to be fascinating and the discussions are even more fun.

Even though sometimes turnipHed gets a little bit heated on the podcast, with his strong opinions, he too will always be interested in engaging anyone in a non-judgmental discussion about sex, sexuality, gear, LGBT lifestyle and political topics.

Check out turnipHed‘s other projects; The Pool Is Closed and Tuque and Beanie Podcast.


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