turnipStyle.com and The Voice of turnipStyle, focus on underwear, swimwear and fetish wear reviews, discussions, sales, promotions and feature social & political issues that concern gay, bisexual and transgendered men.

turnipStyle started in 2006 and the Voice of turnipStyle is well into its 3rd season and more is on the way!

We promote a body positive and sex positive frame of mind, all men are important.

With a casual, friendly and accessible tone we provide readers and listeners with “man on the street” perspectives on these topics and discussions.


We are dedicated to genuine, non judgmental, sex positive, body positive, discussions for gay, bisexual and transgendered men.

We share a strong focus on reviews on underwear, swimwear and other fetish gear while always maintaining a positive atmosphere to boost self-esteem and self image for men while trying and wearing gear.

Your turnipStyle

turnipStyle is the perfect magazine brings you open and honest, guy next door reviews on underwear, swimwear, fetish gear and other fun stuff. As well we discuss lifestyle topics that affect and are of a concern to gay, bi and trans men. We aren’t experts; just some guys that have a passion that we want to share with others and hopefully inspire them and discussion.

The voice of #turnipStyle

The Voice of turnipStyle (VOT) was born during the November Podcasting Event where podcasters are challenged to put out a podcast every day for the month of November. This was a very ambitious undertaking by turnipHed where the podcast was just a short audio broadcast discussing; “What Are You Wearing?” This was designed to encourage men to be a little bit more adventurous with their under wear.

Today the podcast is a weekly production, way more in depth and opens the door to discussions on Lifestyle & Politics for Gay, Bi and Trans Men as well as “all things” Gear. Reviews, launches, discussions and of course promotions and contests!

turnipHed and UrbanGuyTO

Our most recent project at turnipStyle are the SNAP THE STRAP Newsletter. There is nothing better than the sound of snapping a fresh new jockstrap elastic on your ass and that is what inspired the newsletters.


Commonly called a “blog” yet we have taken turnipStyle to a new level by branching out and not just talking about underwear. While we definitely discuss underwear, swimwear and other fetish gear we also want to broach discussions on other topics that are important to Gay, Bi and Trans men. Such as Health; mental, physical and sexual. Politics, Homophobia and Travel are just a few other topics we are drawn to.

When it comes to gear we break it down to 3 sections.


Your life in Gear. Here we use a team approach on bringing quality, unique and specialty gear into everyday life.

Further, we discuss where to find and how to find the underwear, swimwear or other gear that is right for you. What fits? What works with your body type? What works for that activity? How do you take care of your gear? Why is ergonomics important?

We offer fresh, first hand, uncensored, often explicit reviews on each piece of gear. Almost all of the gear that we have reviewed is purchased by the individual members of the turnipStyle team.

Very few garments have been furnished for turnipStyle yet both get the same consideration and blunt, honest reviews.


Our “Notice Board” to getting great gear and not breaking the bank. You don’t have to be rich to have great gear. You don’t have to break your wallet to get gear you want.

While some gear is always going to be an investment, we help our audience navigate opportunities available in order for them to obtain quality gear at affordable prices with solid customer service.

Gear Notice highlights new product launches, sales and promotions.

Check out or flashBLAST newsletters if this is of interest to you.


Sadly, this section doesn’t get the attention we want it to have. This is mainly based on cost limitations. We have not been in a position to purchase gear to try out. However, the idea here is that we are going to cover gear such as, cock rings, ball stretchers, vacuum pumps, leather, rubber and latex. The types of accessories and gear that is more in line fetishes, kinks and sex.

We peel back the curtain a bit here to let our audience peer in and expand their horizons in the realm of fetish gear and sex accessories and toys.

Here is another opportunity to have an open, honest, non judgmental and sex-positive conversation without shame.

Fetish gear is definitely an investment and we want to help our audience make smart and informed choices about fit, wear and tear, care and quality when it comes to their purchases.

Due to subject matter, some of the content may be limited to members only. Membership is of course free, simply just register.


We publish a number of newsletters for you to take advantage of all based on the kind of newsletter you want tailored to your gear interests.

  1. flashBLAST – a quick email telling you about a quick promotion that is of important note
  2. Gear Review – a monthly recap of all the reviews we have done that month
  3. Promotions & Launches – a weekly recap of what happened that week with promotions and launches, hopefully you don’t miss out on a great deal
  4. The Voice of turnipStyle – taking a look back at some of the important, fun and stand out discussions we have had on the podcast
The Voice of turnipStyle in Las Vegas

turnipHed and UrbanGuyTO sit down in the studio and tackle topics, reviews and have a great time hanging out with each other and invite you to join in. Pop by and you might find a special guest in the studio.

The Voice of turnipStyle (VOT) tackles discussion ranging from lifestyle topics, politics, events and never without talking about gear in one way, shape or form.

Sometimes we are joined by special guests which only ramps up the fun in the studio. Some of the guests we have had in our most recent season; Shirtless Jay of the Schit Podcast, Kevin from Cocksox and who could forget the couple hours we got to spend with Ryan Russell, porn actor, web host and all around awesome fun guy.

We love hearing from you so drop us an email or send us a voice message.



JockLover joins the turnipStyle team all the way from the UK after catching the attention of turnipHed and UrbanGuyTO on Twitter.

Starting a new career in massage therapy, JockLover always finds time to hang out in his gear and or kit, and well just sometimes he needs to be in both, or just bare-ass naked.

All of this makes him a perfect match to join the turnipStyle team.

After discovering JockLover, on Twitter a correspondence began. Who wouldn’t want to be friendly with such a handsome chap?

Over the last couple years a friendship grew and JockLover has become a part-time contributor at turnipStyle both on the podcast and the online magazine!

We invite you to read more about JockLover’s evolution in underwear.

Follow JockLover on Twitter; his handle is @JockLover82.

Follow all contributions by JockLover [RSS]

turnipHed Catching Some Sun

Many people ask me where the name turnipHed comes from. I wrote a piece a while back on “How turnipHed Got His Name” that you can read if you want to get the background.

That is when all the writing started. turnipHed started out turnipStyle as his own personal journal, with comments and observations shared about his daily life and interactions with people.

That was fun and all but it was lacking something, turnipHed just couldn’t quite put a finger on it. It was about this time that turnipHed dropped his junk into a proper, ergonomically constructed pair of underwear and he was hooked.

If he had the funds he would have immediately replaced every single pair of underwear that he had in his drawer for pairs like his new undies.

Then it all fell into place from there. The desire to explore quality underwear and swimwear kept growing and growing. One day turnipHed was invited to be a guest writer on another blog about underwear and it all spiralled into what we have here.

Early in 2010 turnipHed was running his best 5km ever and then collapsed. Only after a few more incidents and trips to the ER was the true diagnosis found. Congestive heart failure caused by dilated cardiomyopathy, left branch bundle blockage, atrial fibrilation and an ejection factor of 20%.  It was not good.

A number of surgeries later, equipped with an Internal Cardio Defibrillator, turnipHed continues his recovery.

The podcast has been a project that turnipHed has really enjoyed. The creative process and discipline on the meta side is found to be fascinating and the discussions are even more fun.

Even though sometimes turnipHed gets a little bit heated on the podcast, with his strong opinions, he too will always be interested in engaging anyone in a non-judgmental discussion about sex, sexuality, gear, LGBT lifestyle and political topics.

Check out turnipHed‘s other projects; The Pool Is Closed and Tuque and Beanie Podcast.


A long time native of Toronto, Canada, UrbanGuyTO (SpandexGear) was invited by turnipHed to begin blogging about their mutual interest in LGBT issues, men’s underwear and swimwear!

Sharing a strong interest in underwear, swimwear, fetish gear and sex toys you’ll find they both engage in heated discussions about various topics.

Loud, often opinionated you’ll always find UrbanGuyTO ready to engage in a friendly and open, non-judgemental discussion about any fetish, kink and sex-positive topic of interest to the LGBT community.

Living in the centre of Toronto’s vibrant gay community UrbanGuyTO enjoys gear indoors and outdoors – well, at least when he’s not naked at home or the nude beach!  UrbanGuyTO is an avid nudist.

A strong advocate for both the local and global gay community, UrbanGuyTO‘s gear reviews ( #gearhound) and editorials often focus on the need to develop a better dialogue for gay men around sex, fetish, kink and promoting sex-positive discussions.

Proud to post original underwear and swimwear reviews you’ll find the information helpful.

Contact UrbanGuyTO (urbanguyto(@)turnipstyle.com) with any questions you might have about gear and look for frequent content and comments about new gear discoveries!



95% of the items that we review, we pay for ourselves. Regardless, sometimes things don't go the way we plan them to go and when that happens we clean up the items really good and then put them up for sale in our shop at a deep discount for you to grab for yourself.

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