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If you have not been living under a rock for the past few months; you will have heard the names of; Phi Phi O’hara, Ryan Lochte and for sure Donald Trump.

If not; stop reading…you need to spend some quality time with Google.

Now that we have thinned out the herd a little bit…let’s get down to it.

All of these people have displayed behaviour in recent days, weeks and months which have come under scrutiny. This in itself is completely acceptable, we as a society or even as an audience have the right to comment, praise and criticize those that get up on the stage and as such ask us to “look at them.”

However what clearly needs to be addressed here is HOW the audience is criticizing these people and their own behaviours therein.

Let’s talk about Phi Phi O’hara and her recent return to TV on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. She was not very well loved or even liked for that matter during her premier season (04).

She was criticized for being abrasive, bitchy and manipulative. I really didn’t like what I saw. Not just for what she brought on a technical level to the competition but just her all around “self” was not attractive to me at all.

In my interpretation she just came across as a mediocre drag queen and a really ugly person. I did not shed a tear when she was eliminated. In fact, I may have had an extra cocktail that night.

Now she is back and one of the first things she wanted to make clear is that she wanted to repair the damage and consequences she has endured from her season 04 appearance. She states that people had an “impression” of her and it was hard to get bookings and no one wanted to be around or work with her.

Hmmph! No shit!

As I have been watching the season so far; I am not seeing any change in her behaviour. Again she shows herself to be manipulative, bitchy and a really negative person. My impression has not changed.

So almost immediately after episode 04 airs Phi Phi announces that she will not be attending the All Stars Reunion Show for Season 2, goes on a tirade and says that the producers, staff and host of RuPaul’s Drag Race do not have her best interests at heart. Which quickly, in my opinion. spirals into a very ugly PR situation.

What happens next is outrageous and really pissed me off. As I mentioned before it is okay to criticize and comment on a person’s behaviour and actions but it is never okay to threaten someone.

The responses to this incident have been beyond passionate. If you follow the RuPaul’s Drag Race Recap Podcast and listen as the hosts read some mail from listeners you cannot help but feel that passion. I have felt that passion.

Some of the responses to Phi Phi’s decision to “drop out” of the rest of the show and start this “war of words” with the show, have been fuelled hardcore by this passion and as such have become outright unacceptable and even more deplorable than the behaviours I have seen of Phi Phi that has left me disliking her.

[Also just for a moment let me say I have also seen Phi Phi under other circumstances, not on RuPaul’s Drag Race. There is no “editing” that she claims to be a victim of. I still think she is an immature little brat.]

Some of the comments threatened Phi Phi’s well being. I read a couple of comments to the effect of, “You are a bitch! Why don’t you just fuck off and die already!!!”

The reason why this bothers me so much is because if we switch that up a little bit we can still get the same disgusting message. “Hey you sick faggot. Child molester! Just fuck off and die already!”

As soon as you resort to that kind of language, you are an even uglier person than what or who you are criticizing. I would never tolerate that of my friends. So even though I do not like Phi Phi, on the professional scale that I have been presented with. I will defend her over any troll that behaves like so many have.


As we had to give Phi Phi a second chance with her reappearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race, we are faced with doing the same again for another celebrity.

ryan lochte joins dancing with the stars

Ryan Lochte got into some trouble by being an arguably immature little shit that needed to be brought back into line and he is now back in the public eye, remorseful and committed to change and becoming a better person.

So now it is our job to give him that opportunity. It is up to him to fuck up or not and should he fuck up then sure go ahead and call him out on it. Responsibly and respectfully.

We, as people, are afforded the opportunity to accept responsibility for our actions and move forward and it is also our responsibility to allow this process. Your parents didn’t lock you in your room the first time you talked back and left you in there the rest of your life. You had your “time out” and then it was your turn to alter your behaviour.


The lesson here that needs to be learned is that no matter how strongly you agree or disagree with a person, their actions, or their platform, does NOT give you free license to trample others or them.

Donald Trump is a very ugly person, which is obvious to many people, but we can not threaten his life. (And he needs to learn the same whether direct of via innuendo). We can not become as ugly as he is, but we must become just as strong and loud.

Ryan is trying to make a difference. He has been slapped pretty damn hard on top of taking the hit to his reputation and has said that he is committed to making a change hereon in. So stop rushing the stage.

Phi Phi, well sweetheart I don’t really know what to say to you. You did it again. I think you have shown your true colours so I will call you out on your behaviour and how you treat other people.


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