Sukrew Celebrates 100 with Voice of turnipStyle

Stay tuned into The Voice of turnipStyle to hear about the hot new styles that are coming this Spring/Summer from SUKREW.

Welcome to the Voice of turnipStyle Episode 100!

Whoohoo put your celebration undies on!

Do you have celebration undies?

First off, a huge thanks goes out to each and every one of you for coming back and reading, downloading and listening to each episode.

We have fun making turnipStyle what it is and we hope you have just as much enjoyment on your end.

Secondly, another HUGE thank you goes out to SUKREW for sponsoring this show by offering you boys an extra special opportunity for 10% off when you shop this week and use coupon code TURNIP100 at checkout.

Don’t wait until the last minute or you may just miss out and fuck up with the time zones!

As a special surprise, for those that contacted us about show 100, we did a draw and @ac301 has won a free pair of undies from SUKREW!

Congratulations bud! We can’t wait to see the photos!


Cleaning Up The Locker Room

Before we really get started there were just a few goofy things to share with you;

  • Crazy SPAM comments! Coffee? What?
  • Hashtag #keepGeared – use it boys!
  • Twitter @turnipStyle make sure your follow!
  • Taking a quote and turning it around.
  • A toast to 100 and gifts are given!

Snap the Strap

We start off with a “retrospective“, you will find that we used that word a lot this evening. We look back on the last 100 episodes, where we started, what we have done, some of our favourites.  We also think about the growth we would like to see at turnipStyle.

What Does 100 Mean To You?
Would love to hear any feedback on your experience over the past 100 shows…or any ideas for the future of turnipStyle. Leave us comments below or drop us an email or voice mail and share your thoughts.

It is official Jughead is AsexualLet’s take a moment to recognize Black History Month and the number of Black LGBT Icons that have made significant contributions and are often not recognized. [Black History Month: 23 Prominent Black LGBT Icons]

The Jian Ghomeshi trial. Well we started to talk about it but this really is a huge topic that needs a show all of its own. Too many dynamics and perspectives here to look at that we don’t really do the subject justice. Take a look at this article from the NOW! Toronto Publication that was just published last week. [The Jian Ghomeshi Trial: Who Has The Accsuser’s Back in this Set-Up?]

Jughead and Archie Comics. Jughead is asexual!? Archie has been delving into some social issues and lifestyle topics. [Jughead’s asexuality isn’t the first time Archie Comics has turned a new page lately]

Click Here to check out the “innuendo” photo from Archie

Micheal Phelps and the Curtain of Distraction. Showing up and off in his Speedos at Arizona State University. [Michael Phelps went full Speedo for Arizona State’s ‘Curtain of Distraction]

Pride Flag burns on UBC Campus. [Pride rainbow flag burnt on flagpole during UBC’s OUTweek]

Audience Input

Adam (@ac301) writes in and asks about the proper way to take off a tshirt and/or a tank top. turnipHed gives the answer!

Joe In Dallas asks us about the purpose of a Swim Jockstrap. UrbanGuyTO has the answers for you there.

Big Fatty, of BigFatty Online, calls with congratulations on 100 episodes.

UrbanGuyTO comes clean about the hot photo of him in the Brave Person briefs that he used for the 100 Episode campaign. This is the [original photo] of UrbanGuyTO having some fun.

Gear Life

Under Armour Burka

The tights are the garment they are selling here. Can’t you tell?

We have a new segment, well it is not a new segment, we are reviving an old favourite! Drawers From Their Drawers, which is proudly sponsored by Rob1 and Rob2. We try on a pair of 2(x)ist and a pair of Bum-Chums.

UrbanGuyTO has a bone to pick with Under Armour. Show you gear that you can buy but then covers up the model when they show you photos. turnipHed offers his point of view as well.

OXBALLS has a new product for those that are missing their foreskin. Yup they have “Faux Foreskin” for you to add to your toy and/or accessory collection.

Hood Moreskin Silicon Faux Foreskin – Oxballs – Foreskin fanatic? Does the sight of a droopy snout leakin’ precum get your mouth watering? Can’t get enough uncut meat? Well, you’re in luck cuz at Oxballs, we think foreskin is fuckin’ fantastic!OXBALLS

We’ve tried all the restoration techniques out there but sadly, to no avail…we finally decided to say ‘fuck it’ and make some foreskin of our own!

turnipHed, even though he is intact, really wants to try these out. Plus thinks it would be a good idea for UrbanGuyTO to it out too.  A couple things; we all know we couldn’t share just one. He would definitely need the M/L and he is super white; like the left specimen.

turnipHed is more in line with the middle one and is probably going to find the S/M to fit just right and not fall off.

Vintage Retrospective Sundays; for the next handful of weeks we will be publishing vintage photos for you to enjoy and get a glimpse into the history of underwear.

Watch for the new Vibe Collection from Andrew Christian.

Catch our buds on Schit.TV.

Don’t forget about our buds at SUKREW.



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