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So the MalePower Micro Thong Neon Mesh is in of the pieces I bought myself for my birthday and finally slipping into them.

Listen to Episode 012: Gear It Up to hear turnipHed talk about this gear!

While, the weather outside has not been very conducive to wearing such a small pair of underwear. Alas, I soldier on for the benefit of our faithful readers.

Firstly available in Neon; Orange, Pink and Lime from Mensuas, these are just one cut from the Neon Mesh range; thongs, bikinis and trunks.

So I gave these a good solid day of wear, doing various stuff; errands, laying around the house, vacuuming and they felt really damn good.  The only time I was really aware that I was wearing them was when I was outside.  ((Remember we wanna Bitch Slap Winter here?))

Superb in the support department and being that the fabric is super soft, the strap going up your ass crack is comfortable and non-invasive.

Male Power Neon Mesh Thong

Sloppy tailoring

The pouch gave my junk a comfortable “shelf” to sit on and gave me freedom of movement without squishing me in tight.

There was only one thing that I did notice about this garment and it could just be the pair that I got.

The stitching is solid ; however, the fabric appears to be cut in a hap-hazard manner.  It just looks a little sloppy from the inside of the pouch.  Just one of those details of precision that sets underwear designers apart.

Also there were just some extra loose threads at the end of seams that would have taken 5-10 seconds to Male Power Neon Mesh Thongtake care of.  Just was left with the feeling that there was a lack of pride in the product.

I also have noticed that the waistband seems to want to wrinkle and curl up a bit.  Now that may just be because it is brand new.  I have had this happen before with other waistbands.  I will update once these have been washed and put up to dry.

Speaking of laundering this piece; definitely recommend front load washer, or hand wash and HANG to dry.

OK so would I recommend this piece?

Well I would for sure recommend this piece but with some conditions or perhaps clarification.  This is an affordable piece, especially for someone that is wanting to give a) mesh and b) thongs a try or for someone that is experienced with mesh and thongs to just have a piece for the heck of it.

If you are a discerning gearhound ((Definition: “gearhound”: noun.  a dude who totally gets off; looking at, collecting, wearing and playing in various kinds of “fetish” gear including but not limited to speedo-style swimsuits, underwearjockstraps, cycling gear, running gear and wrestling gear.)) I would say to you then; do not expect the attention to detail you get from other pieces in your collection that come from a higher price point.

Mensuas Gay RightsThis is definitely an affordable piece for any dude, so really I can’t see how any one could lose out….

Now here is something that is really cool if you shop at Mensuas for this piece or any other piece.

Mensuas will donate $1 to the Russian Freedom Fun for EVERY item sold!  Use coupon code UPRISINGLV at check out and you will also get 10% off!

So here is just another good reason to try these out!


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