REVIEW: Good Devil White Ocean Thong

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GD772-Good Devil White Ocean Thong - SideFuck me this is one sweet piece of swim gear.  The Good Devil White Ocean Thong.

I talked about it briefly, pun intended, with UrbanGuyTO during Episode 17 of the Voice of turnipStyle; Shaft! It’s the Real Thing!

I am in love with this suit, even though I have to drop a few pounds of winter weight before being able to get into it and be comfortable.

Let’s first talk about the cut on this.  Perfection!

Everything sits right where you would want it to sit.

The fabric falls right into place, settles in, gets comfy and then does its job to keep your sporting your sexiness.

Serious dude, when you wear this swim gear, you are going to fucking exude sex appeal!

Next I am going talk about the construction of this garment.  Bingo it is not lined.  I am not a fan of lined swim gear.

GD772-Good Devil White Ocean Thong - BackJust feels like I am choking off my shaft and balls.

No I am not talking about choking the chicken here.

However; this is a heavier fabric, so there is no way you could line this and it be remotely comfortable.  It is just what it needs to be.

Next, the panels are doing nothing but bringing this garment out there to not only look good on you but to accentuate your lines, your energy and with the colour blocking; damn did I mention sex appeal?

What also is really awesome with this swim gear is that it has a detachable cloth/velcro cock ring in it.

Now I will admit I would have gone about this differently.

GD772-Good Devil White Ocean Thong - Front

Sure it is great that it is detachable, that I would not change, but perhaps I would have offered two cock ring styles.

I think one that was just a solid ring of the fabric, cut a little on the small side so it is nice and tight, but that could just be stretched over your shaft and ball sac and then snapped into place.

Then as well offered the strap with the velcro that is presently included with this suit.

Only reason I suggest this, is that then dudes who find the velcro strap a little bit on the uncomfortable side would have another option.

With this added level of confidence and comfort; one can only bring that sexiness factor up 10 fold  Remember comfortable confidence is what makes a man sexy!

However, you know I will be sporting this suit with this cock ring as is.

For sure when I am at the pool upstairs, if it ever opens, or when going to the beach and wearing a suit is mandatory.

GD772-Good Devil White Ocean Thong - Back 2I think if you are the dude that wants to turn heads, knows how to share his confidence WITHOUT being cocky, because if I see you in this gear and your acting like your shit don’t stink, I will smack you, this gear is for you.

Grab yourself one, drop your shaft in and catch some rays and splash around and then drop us a line and tell us how much fun you had!

Oh and KUDOS to Good Devil here for adding the tag with a separate stitch so it can be removed without affecting the seam on the waistband.

However you can leave this tag in as you have enough fabric there at the top of the T to hide it.

Here you can look at the cock ring apparatus in this suit, and see how hot it looks on a real man.


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