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UrbanGuyTO Andrew Chrisian Colour Vibe Sports BriefYou might find this hard to believe from a gearhound ((UrbanGuyTO Definition: “gearhound”: noun.  a dude who totally gets off; looking at, collecting, wearing and playing in various kinds of “fetish” gear including but not limited to speedo-style swimsuits, underwear, jockstraps, cycling gear, running gear and wrestling gear. A dude who gets an erection and finds it difficult to not ejaculate all over awesome tight gear. lol)) like me but I have never owned Andrew Christian underwear or swimsuits.

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After years of great reviews and having other guys urge me to get a pair I finally have been able to drop my cock into some of this amazing gear.

If you’ve never tried any of the Andrew Christian gear, and just heard all the hype like me – believe it!  This is damn good gear.

Lets start with selection.  Not only does Andrew Christian have a great range of styles and fits, they have a great range of colours and sizes to appeal to any guy.

A company offering this kind of range in terms of briefs, jock-briefs, boxers, jock-boxers as well as T-shirts and tank tops not to mention shorts and hoodies is doing a lot of stuff right.

With all the selection I had to limit my scope and stick to briefs.

I wanted to know what all the hype was about with the Vibe and Almost Naked collections that Andrew Christian has been so successful with.  By all accounts the gear fits great and looks amazing so I had to to give the Color Vibe Sports Brief the test.

Hands-down this is the best brief I’ve ever had on my cock.  Period.  This brief is not only super comfortable, but it sits well on my less-than-perfect frame and provides amazing comfortable support for my cock and balls.

The sports brief has a great athletic fit with 2 inch sides, full seat and ample front pouch with no fly.  The stand-out feature here is the pouch.

With plenty of room the pouch still provides great light support perfect under shorts or pants.  Because the pouch doesn’t bind or constrict in anyway, your cock and balls great a great ride and hang somewhat free with this light supportive design.

Stitching is top-notch with a lot of attention to detail and all the seams being flat and comfortable.  And while there is a darted seam at the bottom of the pouch, it didn’t irritate my uncut cock at all while I was out and about.  The front of the pouch is seamless which makes for a great smooth look when you drop your pants.

So go ahead and give them a try yourself.  These are great briefs that are gonna keep you and your cock real happy for a good long time.




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