01137ffe8ac99a2461804c17e586f5a2c83c2ee933Sadly this is not a happy surprise…you will understand the nuance in a minute if you do not already know who I am talking about.

I had no idea who this dude was when he first became popular but he sure as fuck made me laugh.

I didn’t really follow him all that closely, saw the odd YouTube video here and there and he made me laugh some more.

No one can argue that Craigery is hard on the eyes…so it is easy for us to either treat him like hot meat or to see how much fucking amazing personality he brought to the mix which just plain old made him on amazing, handsome, sexy and delicious human being. ((call me))

Anyway, the other day I came across an article from Instinct Magazine that Craigery was in hospital and in a really bad situation.

Several months ago, I woke up a random Sunday morning.

I rubbed my eyes a few time to clear up the blurriness like I do every morning, but this time it didnt go away. Over the next number of weeks, I noticed my vision continuously get worse and worse to the point of where I was unable to read, drive, recognize faces, or see anything on my phone or computer without zooming in.

Not only that, but I would begin throwing up in the morning and get terrible migraine headaches.

I would start coughing and gagging for no reason at all and I had to stop working out because I would get so nauseous.

I began dropping weight at an alarming rate. I eventually went to a doctor. 

When they checked my blood pressure at rest, it was 200/144.

Both the nurse and doctor were shocked I hadn’t had a stroke or heart attack.

They gave me meds and took blood for lab testing.

The next day, I recieved a voicemail from the doctor.

He explained to me that based on my blood results, my kidneys were only working at 5%.

He referred me to nephrologist and they admitted me to the hospital.

They were able to get my blood pressure stabilized (I’m on a lot of medication for it) however they weren’t sure about the kidneys.

They performed a biopsy on the kidney and found a lot of scarring on the tissue.

Based on the findings, they declared that there is little to no chance my kidneys will improve and be fully functional.

The doctors said I’ll soon have to start dialysis in a few weeks and then register my name on a transplant list.

turnipHed in Hospital ER

Funny, we almost have the same expression!

As someone else that has been blind sided with a serious [heart] condition that changed my life full on empathize for Craigery.

I know how tough and scary life is right now.

I have to say I appreciate that it looks like he seems to be keeping his sense of humour, which is what kept and continues to keep me sane through this whole ordeal.

If you are in a position to help Craigery out, that would be awesome.  I know all too well how hard it is to struggle every day, come up short and have to fight harder.

I have a great set of people around me…I have no idea who is around Craigery…but we can send awesome positive messages to him and help him keep his spirits up.

If you want to help please read the article on Instinct or visit his GoFundMe page to help find him a new kidney.

On a personal note: Craigery – Keep your head up, make your nurses laugh, always do everything with a smile, even when it hurts like hell, be honest with those taking care of you…and be strong for YOU.



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