IMG_1893The sad truth of our western culture, and probably most cultures is the beautiful ((I am not going to debate or discuss the meaning of “beauty” in this article.  I am aware is subjective moving from region to region; culture to culture, but the studies quoted here do take into account that beauty is culture and regionally based.)) people get all the breaks.

Maybe it is genetically bred into us.  Maybe it is a necessity of evolution.

But as we move forward as a culture; as we strive to say we are more enlighten as a culture, there needs to be some kind of shift away from assigning value blinding to something beautiful and retreating away from someone that is simply not appealing visually.

A lot as been written about this topic by psychologists, social anthropologists and others.

I wanted to quote a few interesting findings by Dario Maestripieri and then comment.  So bear-with please!

Dr. Maestripieri wrote “The truth about why beautiful people are more successful; The truth about why beauty pays” published on March 8, 2012 in Games Primates Play

… attractive people are, on average, wealthier and have higher-paying jobs … than less attractive people. This happens to be a well-known fact that has been reported by dozens of studies done by economists and psychologists.

He arrived at many of his observations and conclusions after looking at a number of sources.

Many of these studies are summarized and discussed in the 2011 book Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful, written by Daniel Hamermesh, an economist at the University of Texas in Austin.

Discovering some very significant facts which affect the way we all interact on a daily basis – the way we all “survive” in our culture.

Pretty people do better. Way better.

The research reviewed by Hamermesh shows that attractive people, both men and women, earn an average of 3 or 4% more than people with below average looks, which adds up to a significant amount of money over a lifetime.

Beautiful people are also hired sooner, get promotions more quickly, are higher-ranking in their companies (a study found the CEOs of larger and more successful companies are rated as being more physically attractive than the CEOs of smaller companies), and get all kinds of extra benefits and perks on the job.

There are real economic factors in our commercial culture affecting why beautiful people get further than the rest of us.

And while they are matter-of-fact scenarios now, and probably since commerce began, I do have concerns when we’re just blindly accepting that status-quo when it affects equality and fairness.

It turns out that more attractive people often bring more money to their companies and therefore are more valuable employees. For example, a good-looking insurance salesperson will sell more insurance than one with below average looks. But that’s not the whole story. Even in situations in which more and less attractive employees don’t differ in their earning potential, employers are biased in favor of the better-looking people.

When you cannot get ahead in life, cannot even excel in daily life simply because you don’t meet cultural norms for beauty we have a serious problem calling ourselves intelligent, enlighten or advanced culturally in anyway.

For example, a study showed that above average looking people who apply for loans are more likely to obtain loans and to pay lower interest rates than below-average looking borrowers. This occurs despite the fact that the two groups of borrowers don’t differ in their demographic characteristics (age or gender) or credit history.

In fact, it turned out that the attractive borrowers were more likely to be delinquent on their loans than the less attractive people. Hamermesh’s conclusion is that lenders are willing to exchange more generous terms on loans “for the pleasure of dealing with good-looking borrowers.”

When this is the way the vast majority of people interacting with you each day are dealing with you; weather you are one of the lucky beautiful ones or more likely and unfortunately, one of the ugly people, it is not a matter of just doing better to get ahead.

To get ahead, you have to overcome huge prejudice you and other might not even be aware they are operating under.

They do this, according to him, simply because they are prejudiced against bad-looking borrowers. Similarly, Hamermesh thinks that good-looking insurance salespeople sell more insurance because customers are biased against bad-looking insurance sellers.


I often get called out for a habit I have of calling out other who blindly assign value to beauty.  Like somehow, because a guy is attractive or very good looking I need to assign more value to him than others around.  I need to pay more attention to him.

Here’s the scenario.

An attractive man walks down the street toward me and my friends. My friends all bark out “Hot!” or “Woof!” or “He’s really fuckable!”

My comment? “Bad attitude.”

You can see it. You can see it in some guys. Because they are good-looking, they walk around like the rest of us have to give them some kind of special pass in life and acknowledge them in special ways.

Sometimes it is subtle.  Sometimes it is obvious.  I’ve become very sensitive too it over the years after interacting with a lot of these men.

They expect us to give way for them or treat them with extra special attention merely because they are beautiful.  Beauty often assign by others, not me.

It is written all over the way these guys carry themselves and the way they interact with the world around them.

Bravado. Falsely-placed confidence. The character traits are clear.

In many cases these guys wouldn’t even say they are beautiful. Others assign them the beauty label. No matter to me.  Bad attitude.

Clearly anyone in the beautiful category is aware they get special treatment. Either ignorance or false modesty is at place in their denial.

You simply cannot go through life being one of these fortunate beautiful people and not realize it. The benefits are overwhelmingly obvious.

Good looking guys get use to being treated as beautiful. The unfairness of it is lost on them. They think of the special treatment and perks of being beautiful as “normal” and well deserved.  Bad attitude.

There is no changing our fickle society assigning this unjustifiable value to the beautiful.

But the rest of us can move away from the behavior that has us treating beautiful people with some special preference just because the cum that got washed around in their mom’s twat happened to mix well. Breakaway from the prejudice of beauty.

Never let anyone call you ugly. And never let anyone treat you like you are ugly and have no value. There are more of us than them. That is what makes the world an interesting place.



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