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yyzSo I noticed today that I had to actually tighten my belt up because my trousers had been falling down, and one thing that looks really unprofessional is hitching your britches up all the time, and it got me to thinking…

So I am really loving being back at work and I won’t deny the fact that it is taking a toll on me, ((some of you may know I ended up in the ER last week and it was not a peachy experience)) yet I look at the benefits and how this is affecting my life and improving my life quality, so that is all I need to be confident to balance it all out.

There are friends, and you know who you are and I am not mentioning you here to embarrass you, that have offered some serious encouragement, support and compassion that has helped me keep my drive going and my enthusiasm in check.

This life experience has given me the chance to see the true colours in many of the people that I interact with and it has given me a refreshed hope in humanity and left me feeling that I am not alone and that others that are out there CARE.

So let us drag back to the belt comment I made earlier.

I have put on a lot of weight because of what I am not able to do, due to my limitations and what I need to work with in my condition, and today I noticed that with all the activity that I have been doing and able to manage, even though I am right spent when I get home, requires me to do up my belt another notch.

That, in the words of my Auntie Vera, makes for some Happy Pants!

Photo 2013-06-29 9 19 02I also want to acknowledge that last Thursday I had a Cardiac Event ((a good friend of mine helped me come up with that title)) and I ended up in the ER. ((Special thanks to UrbanGuyTO for keeping me company and sane during that ordeal))

Yet, I still did the Pride Walk because so many people supported me when I felt I could achieve this and that was something, I have never felt before.

I just wanted to invite people to share my enthusiasm in something I believed in and do what I am here to do, which is, make a difference in the lives of those I can directly or indirectly touch.

So as a result of doing that Walk, after my lovely stay in the ER, I had to miss 2 of my shifts at work.  I feel horrible that I let my colleagues down that I couldn’t be there or those shifts and help them out.  Yet again, I felt the same sense of duty to do the Walk for those that believed in me.

As such, I have to be honest and say that the support I have received from my team at work has been exemplary and my team has exceeded my expectations.

The money that I received from taking my sick days I will be adding to your contributions that were donated to the Pride and Remembrance Walk.

So today, while I am running around at work and working my butt off…thank you so much for all your support.  It means the world to me, it hits me hard and it hits home and it only drives me to work harder at being the person I want to be and why you are proud to call me “friend”.

I truly love you…

PS Special thanks also to BF, AVC & KiH for all your big hugs even when you don’t know you are giving me a hug!


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