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Cover Male Cheek BoxerCover Male’s Cheeky Boxer is a super low-rise minimal boxer with one of the sexiest body-hugging fits.

CM122 is designed for minimal cheek coverage, for the modern man that feels comfortable to show his assets in a sophisticated yet flavored design.

While the back shows little, the front features a contoured pouch for maximum support.

This item is unique in that it can be worn as both underwear and swimwear.

One product with the functionality of two.

I have been lucky enough to get a pair or both the regular cut Cheeky Boxer and then Pouch Enhancing version and both of these have to be the most unique pair of undies I have yet tried.

They both have to be the sexiest cut I have tried yet and I am going to throw this out there and challenge the status quo, some may find this a fem cut, some may find it not fem enough and to that I have to say grow a fucking pair and try them on.

So to lick the surface of it all, I have to say and extremely comfortable pair of underwear, cut to MOVE with your body; not fight against your movements and bunch up.  ((Sorry to tell those of you with thick necks that believe a certain kind of underwear makes you a man and bunches up and you just endure it, you need a pair of these.))

OK so here are some of the cool things about these undies, and I am going to cover both cuts, that you need to know about and then realise that you just gotta have a pair of these.  ((honest I don’t think I have been this cool with a pair of undies for a long time and sorry to those undies that I have been crazy about before but remember I have a big heart and I will always have room for you))

Firstly, lets just get this out there, if you are a grower, the cheeky boxer will be fine for you, gives you room to grow and you are going to be fun.  Don’t be a hero and try and pump up your testosterone, saggy fabric in the pouch is not sexy.  Get the pair that is going to fit you.

If you are a show-er, grab the pouch enhancing line, give yourself the extra comfort.  You wanna be able to be comfortable and have room to grow when the need arises…

Ok so here are a few things you need to know about these undies that really make them rock.

Like I said above they are cut to move with your body and they are supportive and NOT restrictive.  It is like an invisible force field.  ((I haven’t experienced this since I tried the Intymen Sports Mesh Line))

So here is the extra bonus, that you need to know about, it doesn’t matter if you are wearing trousers, jeans, nylon shorts or sweats your exposed butt cheeks feel fucking amazing  when they rub against that fabric.

NO you don’t really feel the pull or pressure of something going up your crack, so get off that soapbox it just won’t work.

There is ample basket or pouch coverage to keep ya safe and secure and prevent any chaffing against your zipper or button fly.

The colour range available is what really does challenge you, and I really do encourage you to break down some walls and misconceptions and have some simple fun with your underwear.  I don’t care if you suck cock or eat pussy or if you do both or if you can throw a football on target or know the difference between coral or orange, have some fucking fun dude.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that dude take control of your own sexuality and enjoy it and if your partner or partners don’t like it fuck them — and they can kiss your ass in these sexy undies as you walk out…

But really they will begging you to slip these off – and I beg you to keep them on just that little be longer and really make them work for it…

Here are some stats about the pieces; that you want to know…

Cheeky Boxer Cut – Solids – 83% Polyester 17% Spandex, Sheer – 92% Polyamide 8% Spandex

Cheeky Boxer Pouch Enhancing Cut – Solids – 83% Polyester 17% Spandex, Sheer – 92% Polyamide 8% Spandex

Solid Colours available: White, Black, Navy, Red, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, Pink, Lime, Camo, Purple.

Sheer Colours available: White, Black.

Available at: Underwear Station, Mensuas, and International Jock


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  • UrbanGuyTO#1

    20 Feb 2013 (Wednesday)

    Passionate about your underwear much? 😉 Nice review!

    I think we both agree that men really just need to try something different and be open to real comfort from well designed gear.

    Is Cover Male for every guy? No, but neither is Ben Sherman or Gucci. Its all about finding what works for you and developing an interest in what looks good and feels good on your own body.

    I am looking forward to trying out more Cover Male gear.


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