UrbanGuyTO Underwear Party Pride 48 2013

Sneaking in a selfie at the Underwear Party Pride 48 2013

While there was a lot to listen to and new and old friends to catch up with at Pride 48 this year, it was this year’s Pride48 Underwear Party that had me most stressed out, this my second year, at Pride48.

Underwear Party time again. I just wanted to have another good underwear party to continue the trend from the year before.

Pride48 is a group of LGBT and LGBT-allied internet broadcasters who gather each year in Las Vegas, Nevada to share 48 hours of live internet broadcasting.

Between all the live broadcasts there are a number of social events to help everyone network and make new friends.

This year’s stellar Pride48 Breakfast was a great new event that really brought everyone together in a good way.

There’s also an early-in-the-week Pizza Party Thursday before the event starts as well as, The Pink Carpet, a great Opening Show on the Friday night and a Closing Show on the Sunday night all of which everyone turns out for regardless of their schedules.

The Underwear Party is a fun low-key event on the Saturday night meant to be a fun social event for everyone to attend and get to know each other in a pretty unique way – in your underwear!

And by all accounts, this year’s party was another success!

While it may seem strange to some folks, having social time in your underwear is a very cool way to shrug off insecurities, relax your inhibitions and just have fun.

turnipHed is pretty passionate these days about making sure guys (and the women) are comfortable in your own skin (as well as good gear).  So it was real important to me we have a good party where everyone was; 1) in their underwear and 2) feeling good about it.

This year turnipHed and Gavin, host of of “Poke It With A Stick“, co-hosted the event with me providing support (eh, hum) as needed.

We were super fortunate to have Jockstrap Central and Good Devil, by way of Underwear Station, as sponsors providing us some great gear to give away as well as prizes for some of the guys and gals in great underwear.  

Big thanks to those sponsors!  Special shout-out to Jockstrap Central for the amazing discounts and gift certificates.

I spent the night making new friends in my Sport Mesh Color Block Mini-Trunks from Moda-Audaci.  Got these specifically for the party since last year I’d gone all conservative in longjohns and boots.  This year wanted to sport underwear that made an impression.Sport Mesh Color Block Mini-Trunks

Theses Mini-Trucks fit great with better-than-expected support and no discomfort from the mesh.  These trunks have great support and while they do ride up on your ass a bit, they are very comfortable to wear.

At the Pride 48 Underwear Party a simple contest with categories for things like Best Boxers, Best Jock, G-string and Best Bulge among others made it fun circulating and getting everyone to relax and just enjoy some time with folks.

Pride 48 does a lot of good for folks but the best thing about Pride 48, for a guy like me, is the really positive, open, friendly atmosphere perpetuate by everyone involved at every event and every session you attend.  

It really is an amazing group I am glad to hang out with in my underwear.


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