REVIEW: Cover Male G-String

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CoverMale-18As a firm believer, as I have mentioned many times before, in expanding my horizons, as well as yours, I found myself breaking down my preconceived ideas about underwear a while ago, which leads me here to this piece.

Which, to be honest, I thought I had already written this a while ago. I apologize for my lack of diligence.

Let us get down to business here.  We are going to start off with me telling you that this is one sexy and comfortable piece of underwear.

Now is when you let your preconceived ideas wander off and read on, underwear never speaks to your masculinity or “lack thereof.”

What your underwear says about you is how comfortable you are in being yourself, embracing your sexuality, prowess and expanding your horizons without compromising on style, construction and comfort.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you how awesome it feels to be wearing underwear but at the same time your balls and shaft have some swing allowances without getting squished or getting in the way of your movements and flexibility all the while your shorts, jeans or trousers are caressing your your meaty buttocks!

I have worn these to; work, play and swimming and they are without a doubt able to stand up to the demands in all situations I set them to.  Honestly, I would love to add a pair in each colour, shown below, to my collection and they would all be well used!

Some of the particulars that make this such a great piece of gear would be;

  • Contour fit pouch supports and lifts your package
  • No back coverage – full exposure
  • Can be worn as an underwear or swimwear – perfect for tanning or wearing under your clothes
  • Fast drying fabric
  • Fabric: 83% Polyester 17% Spandex

I will strongly suggest that you pay close attention to the sizing chart.  If you want a tight close fit, probably good for swimming, if you want to have a looser, slinkier fit you will want to jump up a size, without worrying about it falling off. However, if this is the route you go, you won’t want to be diving head first in any pools without surfacing au natural!

  • Small – 28″ to 30″ or 71cm to 76cm
  • Medium – 32″ to 34″ or 81cm to 96cm
  • Large – 36″ to 38″ or 91cm to 97cm
  • XL – 40″ to 42″ or 102cm to 107cm

So now you need to know where to find them!  Well that is easy!

Here are my 2 favourite vendors, located in the USA;  Mensuas and Cover Male.  They offer fantastic customer service and on top of that FAST service.

So take a look at all the colours that are available here in the gallery, and again if you don’t look just like this model trust be you will feel as good as he looks when you wear these!!!

When you get some, please drop me a line and let me know what you think of them.  Share your experiences!

BTW I am wearing these today, and I talk about in today’s podcast!



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