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LOS ANGELES (February 12, 2013) – An old marketing adage simply states, “sex sells.” Men’s clothing company Andrew Christian ran with that idea and proved it to be true as their alluring, second-skin intimate apparel became coveted the world over thanks to racy promotional videos featuring Adonis models wearing – or removing – their flattering products.

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But with the dawn of 2013, Andrew Christian decided to also prove that safer sex sells – the company teamed up with Wet, a leading distributor of personal intimate lubricant, and AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the largest global AIDS organization with nearly 200,000 clients in 28 countries, to promote safer sex through condom use.

This smarter, safer, and still sexy attitude towards intimacy was dubbed by AHF President Michael Weinstein as “The New Sexual Revolution.”

“Fifty years ago, the term Sexual Revolution meant sexual freedom, and that revolutionary acceptance of sexual liberation brought about important cultural changes that helped shape the world we live in today,”

Weinstein said. “We believe that in the 21st Century, the New Sexual Revolution needs to also be about respecting yourself and your partner enough to use protection and prevent the spread of HIV and other STDs.

We hope this new outlook will also bring the much-needed cultural normalization of safer sex practices.”

WET provided condoms and lubricant to be included in all Andrew Christian underwear orders. AHF provided messaging on a small card that will also be included in the orders, encouraging people to join in the New Sexual Revolution by protecting themselves and their partners with condom use.

“Wet is proud to be a part of this effort with AHF and Andrew Christian,” said Michael Trigg, CEO of Wet’s parent company, Trigg Laboratories, Inc. “We believe that companies are like individuals, each creating their own ‘karma.’ Giving back has been paramount to Wet since our inception.

Education and access to safer sex materials is critical for all cultures across the globe.”

Andrew Christian’s latest video, which is dropping on February 1 at http://www.andrewchristian.com/socialvideos, features two of the company’s most popular models going through dozens of AHF-brand LOVE and ICON condoms as they celebrate the arrivals of their Andrew Christian underwear orders.

These branded condoms are distributed for free by AHF through its websites, mobile testing units, at testing events, and through the innovative nationwide condom distribution initiative Condom Nation, which features an 18-wheel big rig that drives cross-country distributing condoms and sharing information about safer sex.

As a highly sexualized brand, Andrew Christian considered it an important use of their marketing power to promote condom use.

The company has become a trusted source of fun and sexy promotions, and is now showing the fun and sexiness in condom use.

The apparel line then approached WET and AHF to ensure two additional tools that make condom use effective – water-based personal lubricant and a trove of accurate STD-prevention information – were present in the campaign.

Andrew Christian distributes about 9,000 orders per month worldwide, so the company has committed to a guaranteed distribution of 27,000 condoms during the three-month safer sex campaign.

Additionally, the company expects their safer sex video dropping on Friday to garner at least the average amount of traffic they have come to expect from their racy videos of about one million views in the first month.

“Last year Andrew Christian‘s marketing campaigns went viral due to our extremely sexual videos,” said head designer Andrew Christian. “Using that sexual attention to our advantage, we feel like now is the perfect time to reinforce the importance of safer sex to our fans and community.”

About AHF

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is the largest non-profit HIV/AIDS healthcare provider in the USA. AHF currently provides medical care and/or services to nearly 200,000 individuals in 28 countries worldwide in the US, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Additional information is available at www.aidshealth.org

About Trigg Laboratories

Founded in 1989 By Michael Trigg, Trigg Laboratories manufactures premium sexual wellness and consumer healthcare products and is the parent company of Wet International, Inc., one of the world’s best-selling lines of personal lubricants and intimacy products. Trigg Laboratories develops, formulates and packages Wet products at a 52,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility in Valencia, California.

Each of Wet’s 80-plus products are manufactured and tested in compliance with FDA’s strict Medical Device Quality System Regulations (QSR) and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). This ensures exceptional integrity and consistency and provides maximum comfort levels.

This location also serves as the home of our sales and marketing and administrative offices, as well as our warehousing and shipping center. Wet is currently available in 62 countries.

For more information about Trigg Laboratories, Inc. or Wet International, Inc. visit us at www.StaysWetLonger.com.

About Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is one of the world’s top selling men’s apparel companies specializing in technically advanced underwear.

In 2012 Andrew Christian was listed the Inc. 5000 list celebrating being one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Due to our innovative advertising and marketing campaigns Andrew Christian was picked up by top department stores & companies around the world such as Nordstroms, Selfridges (the most prestigious department store in the world), Hustler, Crunch and Gold’s Gym.

Andrew Christian’s finesse for creating interactive marketing & advertising strategies has led to record breaking traffic, fans, and sales on our Facebook, website, and other social media platforms.

We pride ourselves on being one of the only apparel manufactures to ship their entire collection worldwide. For more information please visit us at Andrew Christian.


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