Jock It Up with Andrew Christian

This jock is reminiscent of football pants with a draw string in the front. The underwear also features fabric covered elastic with extra stretch to reduce cinching and squeezing of your waist which reduces the appearance of your waistline.

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REVIEW: CellBlock13 Swat Pant

While I have bunch of their gear including their Grappler Jockstrap and Gridiron Jock Trunk, it is the SWAT Tight End Jock Pant that stiffened up my cock.

I’ll get around to reviewing the jockstrap and the trunk a little later. Right now, I wanted to be sure you guys knew about the pant so you could get your cock into them without hesitation.

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W11.10 Interview With A Doctor – What Are You Wearing?

Well this is a jam-packed episode for Sunday. Sadly, we didn’t receive any feedback on what you are wearing for this week. Find it hard to believe that you are all that shy! Follow us: @turnipHed, @turnipHedUndies and @SpandexGear. Call Us: 206.337.6691. Visit our Contact Page. Hear from turnipHed on his choice for gear, plus an interview with The Doctor.

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