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This will be a short and sweet update // touching bases with you all just to keep ya in the loop of what has been going on here.turnipHed Smiles

I want to say that nothing exciting has been going on but I guess that all depends on your perspective.  What seems to be dramatic and a big deal for most has now become quite normal and mundane for me.

Last week I went back into the OR for a minor procedure to take care of a small issue that developed after my heart surgeries but seems to have migrated through my lymphatic system and now I will spare you the gross details.

Now normally they perform the procedure and after your visit to the recovery room for a couple hours; you get sent home.

Well no turnipHed is not that special.  He gets to stay over night in the hospital.  ((Probably because he loves the food so fucking much))

The decision was made because of the complexity of my condition and possible complications that could arise.  Mostly with bleeding and clotting because I had been off my blood thinners for a number of days and that increased my risk for stroke.

All worked out fine, except a tooth that I had chipped a couple months earlier ((during my oh-so-fun ER visit)) became drastically worse as I was grinding my teeth while I was sedated during the procedure last week, and the back half of my molar broke off.

Went to the dentist today, she took x-rays and basically said, “OH WHOA this is way out of my hands!”

The break is under the jaw line, there is an infection and a root canal is not that probable because of damage to my jawbone from my wisdom tooth extraction 20 some years ago.

So I am now being referred to an oral surgeon.  My appointment is Friday morning.

However, while the surgeon and my dentist were on the phone discussing my case and going over the x-rays and my other medical conditions; he asked the dentist to pass on to me that it is most likely I will have to be admitted into hospital again to have to tooth extracted in the OR.

While I am glad that I won’t get bounced around from specialist to specialist; enough is enough already!

So please pray to hydrogen that when this is over that things calm down for a while and I can enjoy some of your normal.


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  • John#1

    28 Nov 2012 (Wednesday)

    TH, I am sending all the positive energy your way that I can humanly do. If I had the power to take this stuff from your life I would.

  • turnipHed#2

    28 Nov 2012 (Wednesday)

    John, thanks so much bud…that means a lot to me and it keeps me fighting…

    I received a lot of messages from friends across Twitter as well and each and every message keeps me holding my head up high and sure as fuck helps me keep my sense of humour about all this shit!


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