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Lobot_btm[1]Today was my follow-up appointment for my ICD ((Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator)) after 6 weeks since surgery.

Carted myself off to the hospital today and went through the normal routine of having my ECG ((Electrocardiogram)) then waited around to see the specialists.

Was a little disappointed it took that long to actually get seen by the specialist – usually it is a quick process and rather smooth or fluid in-and-out experience. Today not so much.

I would say that the ECG was routine but I would have to put quotes around that word "routine" because I do present an abnormal ECG due to my LBBB and um um um something else fancy term that shows up.

The squiggles usually look like funny squiggles and nothing else showed up new, which is a good thing, plus I was in Normal Sinus so that is A+ in my book.

The meeting with the specialists was cool. They hung this "receiver" attached to a briefcase syle laptop, around my neck and it started to receive the data being sent from my ICD.

They downloaded and analyzed the data that had been collected and then made some adjustments to the device and what it does and how it reacts to my physiology.

This is what I have affectionately called my firmware upgrade and I am now turnipHed 2.0.

Did get to have the chance to have a few things explained to me, interpret some of the sensations I have been having, why I get light-headed, why my heart feels like it races etc.

The one setback from today is that it appears that the damage from the rupture during surgery has not fully healed and we have to wait longer to complete the "full installation".

However, with my strong insistence we have already set a date for my next ICD follow-up which will include all pre-op procedures and I will be slotted for a surgery date shortly that will be close to after this next appointment.

Lots of people have asked if I am "ok" today and yes I am ok, it is just different. In fact it just kicked in right now for a couple seconds. Not much has really changed, I still get tired fast and need to rest a lot but I am still here and breathing so I take that as a very good sign and I am happy with that for now. ((Very anxious for the completion and to get back to a life that is closer to what I was before this started than what I have now — really ITCHING to go for a run!))

So there we have it folks…can not thank all of you enough for your concern, thoughts, support, humour and love.

Please do keep it coming…it sure helps!


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