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Let’s hope you agree with me and have decided to grow a pair, and take your underwear buying into your own hands.

I can imagine more than a few guys reading this and saying, “Why the fuck should I buy my underwear?  I don’t give a shit what underwear I put on.”

Making this choice has real benefits for you.

You’re going to get underwear that works for you. Underwear that is both comfortable and functional.  Moreover, you are going to get underwear you look good in and makes you feel good about how you’re dressed.

Here’s the thing, like a lot of women who wear the wrong bra style or size, most men wear the wrong underwear style or size for them or their chosen activity.

You need more than one style and size of underwear.  Just like you wouldn’t wear a tie and dress trousers to play soccer or a tank top and sweat pants to church, you’re going to need different underwear for different tasks.

As you’ll see, my underwear choices are pretty basic.  Sure, I got some designer stuff and some higher-end gear, but mostly I wear basic brands.  You don’t have to spend a lot to get good underwear on your junk, but keep in mind, you get what you pay for and that’s especially true in male underwear.

Which brings us to a few things you are going to need to do before you start even looking at underwear.

Get naked.  Take out a tape measure ((if you don’t have one or you don’t want to ask your wife or girlfriend for one, just use some string and get a ruler)) and this time you’re going to use the tape to measure something other than your hard-on.

You need to know your waist size, not just think you do.  So measure!  Wrap the tape measure around your hips just below your belly button and hold it snug to get your measurement.

You need the actual number if you are going to be able to find something that fits you well.  Small isn’t always small.  Large is often too large or not large enough.

My waist size is 35” (89cm).  To some designers that is fat and I need “XL”, to others its average and I can wear “M” and other still find me slim and I can get into “S”.  Whatever, it’s a number.  You just need it to find good fitting gear.  It’s a tool, not a judgement.

Now you need to think about what you do in your underwear.

You’re a desk jockey?  You play sports?  Lots of time in the gym?  Ever out on the field?  Maybe you got kids you run around with?  Maybe you don’t do much.  Maybe you do a lot.  Point is, give it some thought.

Think about those tasks and come up with some general categories.  The ones I use are “active stuff”, “work and formal” and “relaxing / going out”.

Champion Jockstrap

Generally for anything active or sports you are going to look at styles like jockstraps, thongs (yes, thongs) ((plenty of designers and brands now have great fitting sports thongs for men that feel great and provide perfect support)) or sports briefs.

Even if you’re not a fan of these styles, you’ll be very surprised at what is out there that fits well, supports great and feels really good on a sweaty crotch.

And keep in mind, active or sporty tasks ((and that can be anything from playing touch football in the park, to re-roofing the garage over the weekend)) are going to require moisture wicking fabrics and fabric blends so you get good support but no bulk.

You are also going to want underwear that has a good pouch up front to hold and support your cock and your balls and prevent them from bouncing around too much.

I keep a number of  Bike #10 jockstraps and Champion jockstraps around for the gym.  ((and interestingly enough, I keep them in different sizes too.  I have Small, Medium and Large version depending on the level of snugness I am looking for that day))

I prefer the solid support of old-school jockstraps ((not the ones you know from hockey with a cup; these ones are designed for gym activities, not protection)) for the comfort of a wide waist band during workouts.

Depending on your career, you’ll be looking at briefs, boxer briefs or classic boxers at work.

If you are in and out of a delivery van all day or throwing bricks on a wall atop scaffolding you got different needs than a guy sitting in a boardroom all day or making sales presentations office-to-office all day.

Briefs are a great style if you’re moving around some at work; and boxer briefs or classic boxers some guys find very comfortable under trousers at work when they are sitting all day.

I tend to stick to an athletic fit boxer brief like Jockey’s No Fly Sports Mesh Boxer Brief for the office.  I generally don’t see the point of a fly front in briefs or boxer briefs and prefer snug gear so that I don’t present any odd “underwear lines” in snug fitting trousers or khakis.

Jockey Boxer BriefsMake sure your daily underwear choice for work, like for sports, also has room for your cock and balls.

A lot of gear now comes built with pouch-type darting up-front so guys have some room and don’t feel crushed.

These design improvements make the underwear much more comfortable than standard briefs for long term wear.

When you are headed out to the bar or going to be couch-surfing all night watching TV you’re probably not going to want any underwear on at all – but you might.

For those tasks its probably more about fabrics than it is about style.  You’re looking for a very comfortable fabric that feels good.  Look for cotton blends that have some lycra, spandex / elastane in them.

Jockey Briefs

Seriously consider free-balling ((free-balling or commando, whatever the term – just let your balls hang and your shaft swing)) if you don’t have much to do or anywhere you need to impress anyone because some air and swing is a real good thing for a healthy crotch.

Even men who normally wouldn’t go without underwear find that in a casual atmosphere free-balling is a good choice.

I keep some really comfortable gear like Intymen Sport Briefs around for lounging around the house if I am not going out anywhere, but frankly, because I am a nudist, I tend to just be naked or go free-balling on weekends.  It’s loose time!

So now its time to get started shopping!

I have great news for you.  You don’t even have to put your pants on!  You don’t even need to wear underwear really.

turnip Style Dot Com lists a number of really good online retailers under the A1 Undies link bar found on the right side bar.  You’ll find retailers such as Andrew Christian, Dead Good Undies, International Jock, Jockstrap Central, Mensuas, Moda Audaci, Skiviez, Universal Gear have great selection of sizes, amazing styles and fabrics and often sales that can’t be matched by retail stores.

You get your gear shipped right to you.  If you have questions or concerns most online retailers have great customer service folks willing to help you out making a selection or placing an order.

Drop us a line here and let us know what you get and how it works out for you.


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  • turnipHed#1

    28 Oct 2012 (Sunday)

    If I may stir up the shit a little bit; I am quite sure there are some out there that do in fact wear a wife-beater and sweats to church. 😉

  • John#2

    29 Oct 2012 (Monday)

    great article… but took forever to read… kept staring at your butt lol

    • turnipHed#3

      29 Oct 2012 (Monday)

      John, I know right?! That is one amazing butt — feels amazing to grab and squeeze…and…..oh I better stop now! LOL


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