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Well it does not feel much like a birthday today; although some would call it the perfect day.  I woke up, I had breakfast and then I went back to bed.  Spent pretty much the entire day in bed and really had to kick myself in the ass to get up and get this post as promised out to you.

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Piano in Lobby of Rainbow Cinema

Nostalgia at the Best. The lobby of Rainbow Cinemas, with live Piano Music. Totally awesome!

The reason I have been in bed all day – I am sick!  After an awesome night out Tuesday, to celebrate my birthday, with UrbanGuyTO, and still home shortly after 21:00 EST, I woke up Wednesday morning with a massive cold.

I felt like I had been hit by a truck.  But that is not the reason why I am writing this.

This is about my fun time on Tuesday night.

So Tuesday night I got myself as pretty as I could; and met up with UrbanGuyTO and we bussed down to where we were going for dinner & a movie.  We stopped at the theatre to get tickets first, not that we expected it to be busy but we had to walk by it anyway and there was NO line up.  So why not.

We went over to Jack Astor’s for dinner, since it is close and we both enjoy the food there. Shit, that makes me sound like an old person the way I wrote that.

Anyway we had a great time!  I haven’t been out for a while so it felt amazing to be out in public.  Dinner was not without its eventfulness though, although I took with with a grain of salt ((pardon the pun)) as there really was nothing to be upset about.

I simply had asked for rare steak & mushrooms, baked potato and steamed vegetables; however, after going over an itemized list of the seasonings on the steak, I asked them to hold it due to the high salt content.  I explained that this was a dietary concern for me.  ((After thinking about it, with my health, watching my sodium intake is extremely serious and it could be the same as an allergy, just without the anaphalactic shock))

Our server was very understanding and went off to do her thing and UrbanGuyTO and I went back to catching up and goofing off and having a good time.  ((we always have a good time together))

Dinner came and the presentation was great! My potato was huge and fluffy and the vegetables were hot and crispy and all green and the steak was HUGE and the mushrooms nice and plump.

I cut into my steak and it was WELL DONE!  Oh jeebuz I can”t do it.  I just can’t eat slices of red meat unless it is red.  ((ground beef please burn the hell out of it)) so that was a bust.

Secondly, I take a closer look at my baked potato and the skin is crusted in sea salt.  Not good.

So I have to send it back.

Rainbow Cinemas Toronto - Stairs

Here are the stairs down to the theatre level. The stairs are killer steep.

Cutting to the chase here; the second plate arrives but this time the steak and the potato are covered in salt, so about the only thing I can eat is the vegetables.  Sure I ate some of the steak but damn it was salty.  Potato was very tasty but again amazing salty.

UrbanGuyTO felt super bad about it but it wasn’t his fault and I was not going to let this ruin our night.  We were having too much fun.

We headed on over to the movie; Rise of the Guardians.  I had wanted to see this when I saw the trailer for it the last time the two of us had gone to a movie.  It looked really cute and funny.

We it definitely was cute and funny.  Touching in a few places, I did get a little moist here and there.  The story is more intense than I thought it would be.  The animation and graphics were outstanding.  There were lots of oohhs and ahhs in the theatre and lots of laughing!

So what really made the night were a couple of things.

Firstly, I got a birthday card and gift certificate from my pharmacy.  I was very confused to receive an envelope with handwriting on it that I did not recognize, as my current address is temporary.

But most importantly was what I received from UrbanGuyTO. On top of a super fun night he took the time out, from what is a very chaotic life right now with his move last weekend, to go out for dinner with me and take me to a movie that I mentioned I wanted to see.  But even more awesome was the physical present.

He presented me a small metal lunch kit, significant as to what I wrapped his present in for his birthday, and inside was a Coffee Crisp, bag of Red Licorice and a bag of Black Licorice.

My special presents from UrbanGuyTO

This is what it looks like when you matter to someone.

Now these don’t mean anything to anyone else but they mean something extremely significant to me.  These simple 3 items are the subject of a story from my past in one way shape or another.

Yet what these REALLY signify is that I was heard.  UrbanGuyTO listened and heard what I said and it mattered to him.  Mattered to him enough to run around like a mad man on his lunch break to try and get something for me for that night.  Significant to celebrate those moments in me life with me, that these 3 items represent.

That to me is the best present ever.  To be heard, to be shown it mattered and that I matter.

It also meant so much for me that he was just as excited about the present as I was.

Further more; I finally won something in one of the contests at Big Fatty Online.  So bizzare it happened on my birthday.  ((totally not a scam – I assure you))

Shortly, I too will be a proud owner of the 2013 BFO Calendar — OH THE HORRAH!




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