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turnipHeds latest favourite undies from Intymen - The Sports Mesh CollectionI have not been able to do any reviews of any gear for the past little while for a couple of reasons; however the need to write about gear compels me to share this piece that has been rattling around in my head for the past weeks and months since I slipped into my first pair of Intymen gear.

You may recall my previous contributions ((well I sure as hell hope you remember them)) where I discussed; Review: Intymen Mesh Sports Thong and then more recently Review: Intymen Mesh Sports Brief & Trunk. ((I combined the two of these because they were very similar in function and fit))

I then went on to share with you my piece about using the Intymen Mesh Sports Briefs & Trunks as swimming gear when I went swimming downstairs in my building.  You can refresh your memory on that piece by visiting Splish Splash – Intymen Sports Mesh Brief.

So after reading all of those you should clearly, by now, realise I am a huge fan of all of these.  However; I have to wonder why I have not gotten my hands on the jock yet — I am super curious as to how that happened.

I am also curious as to why there isn’t a simple string in this collection as well.  But my birthday is coming up and maybe Intymen will surprise me with both! Who knows.  Feel free to check out my Wish List on my Bio page or you are always welcome to send Starbucks cards, I loves me some of them!

Now the point that I want to get at with writing this is that as much as I love these garments and I am happy and excited to wear them both as underwear and swimwear; and yes I will even wear them if they are already worn ((as per our previous poll)) there is ONE small thing that if changed, in my humble opinion, would make these even better.

Are you ready for it folks?

I would like to see either direct to garment printing for the care and size label, much like the logo is already done on the hip of the; thong, brief and trunk and then the pouch of the jockstrap.

OR move the tag on the thong, brief and trunk to the inside seam on the hip.  ((however this is not going to work on the jockstrap and as you can notice in the photo there is no tag in the rear so I am going to guess they cleverly cut it out for the photo shoot))

Now, some may say just cut out the tag to keep it from flipping out and showing off your tag to everyone every time your shirt lifts up or you bend over or down; but I have done this before and this is not fool proof.

As talented as you can be with a pair of precision scissors and try to cut out the tag you risk two things;

  1. In all the years that I have been trying this as a solution there is always the tiniest remnant of the tag that you just cant get rid of and that remnant becomes rigid and itchy and scratchy and out right fucking annoying.
  2. If you try and use a seam ripper to remove the stitches that come through the tag ((and especially in the case of these garments)) you end up unraveling the waistband and now have a ratty pair of worn undies that are going to fall apart. ((which I am happy to take as a donation for my comfy sloppy undie collection for lazy saturdays when it is just a little too chilly to be nude at home; but I’ll save that for another posting in our Gear Room category – which you will have to register for to gain access))

Personally I think DTG ((direct to garment)) printing is the way to go here.  Keep it standard across the entire Intymen collection and keep it simple.

Plus, this is not ground breaking technology here.  Just off the top of my head I can think of; Old Navy and Fruit of the Loom, have been doing this for a while now and in my opinion these are definitely not luxury brands where one would expect to see a higher level of comfort or attention to detail.


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