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sleepgraphA while back I found an app while browsing thru the Apple App Store called, “Sleep Cycle” and I was immediately intrigued after checking out the website.

Since being injured and my shoulders being all fucked up, I have pretty much slept like shit every night unless I was completely exhausted or under the influence of some other substance, be it pain killers or a few adult beverages. ((but the effects never seemed to last and I would still not get a good solid sleep in))

What was worse is that when I had to wake up, according to research on sleep behaviour, I was waking up at the worst time possible.  So I thought to myself that $0.99 was worth a shot and see what would happen.

OK so I have not been 100% diligent in using it every night, even though I do try to regardless if I need to set an alarm for the morning or not.  I find it very helpful to track my sleep patterns and try and figure out what is going on so I can actually work towards getting a better sleep.

The figure that I have in this post is from my sleep last night and I will tell you it is very accurate to what happened last night and on every other night that I have used it. 

Even those nights that I get up in the middle of the night and cannot fall back asleep I just let it sit there and work its magic and then when I take a look at the graph in the morning I know how long I was awake, tossing and turning trying to find a position that wasn’t painful or how long I was up watching a movie in bed.

So really the idea behind this app is that it operates as an alarm clock to wake you up when you are already in your lightest sleep cycle, this avoids waking up in a deep sleep cycle which gives you that groggy, dragging your ass feeling all day.

A couple things that are really cool with the latest updates is that firstly the alarm sounds are not harsh and ugly but will wake you up and if you do not respond your iPhone will start to buzz/vibrate aggressively.  That will wake you for sure.

Another thing that is really cool, is that I have shared the bed with a good friend ((very good friend)) that uses the app as well and neither of us affected the other person’s graph, sleep cycle or alarm.  In the morning when we woke up, our alarms were both set to the same window to wake up at; however they each went off at different times.  Plus our graphs ((like pictured here)) were completely different.

I have used this app 45 times so far and I am now averaging 6 hours and 6 minutes of sleep over that period.  Which is up from just around 5 hours about 20 some sleeps ago ((that I monitored)) which is good.

Anyway, after saying all that, I was really hoping to be able to go back to flying because with jetlag/time zones etc. on layovers I was hoping that this app would really help.  Guess I won’t be finding that out any more.

Still I would recommend this app big time.  You may discover that 10 minutes makes a world of difference!


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