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Attention Brief and Boxer Brief Lovers! Push aside your pre-conceived ideas about Thongs for underwear on men.

Good Devil Zoom ThongI do not think I have mentioned this before; it was a couple years ago that a friend of mine that was a fellow underwear lover got me turned on to the idea of trying a thong and instantly I was hooked.

I have done some other reviews here in the past couple months on other thongs; The Intymen Swing Enhance Thong and the Intymen Fill-It Thong.

So I receive the Good Devil Zoom Thong in the mail and it shows up in this cleverly designed re-sealable bag.  I take it out and first thing I notice is the fabric feels amazing. Sturdy but soft to the touch.

So of course I am anxious to try them out..


Wrong Size!

I decided to tough it out and give them a good work over anyway and just try to work around the fact that they were just a wee bit on the snug side.  ((I am trying to be modest here, they were really snug, in fact they were not able to hold everything in place))

Other than the fact the pouch was not ample to hold all into place I did right away feel like I was just wearing a second skin.  The thong seemed to disappear on me.

Good Devil Zoom ThongSo I dropped an email off to my bud that sent the Zoom Thong and asked for a bigger size.  Sure enough he was more than happy to oblige and sent one up to me.

Again, it arrived in the fancy re-sealable bag, but this time it fit perfectly and felt even better.

The fabric construction is comprised of 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex and with the technological advances in Polyester construction these undies are SUPER comfortable.

A lot of guys think that the strap up the back will be uncomfortable and constricting.  I have yet to try a well constructed thong that causes this issue.  That goes in part with the fact that the piece is well constructed.

The cut of the thong and the way it sits on your body is perfect.  Low enough rise so you are not flashing your undies every time you lift your arms up to reach that top shelf and your shirt lifts up.

The fabric is also very light weight, which means that it breathes really well, I did not at any time feel muggy or sweaty.

I wore it around home while I was working at my computer, doing other odd jobs around the apartment and it felt great.

I also wore it out for an entire day, running errands and never once did I feel it shift, ride up, cinch, pinch or restrict while at the same time held me in the right place all day.

One of the noticeable features in the construction of this piece is how the pouch is designed to hold your junk out and up front, not only to keep it out of the way while you are moving around, standing up and sitting down but it also shows you off which will turn the odd head here and there and really you can not argue with that!

This piece is available in; Black, Blue, Red and White.

Now here is the important part…sizing!

For Good Devil I strongly urge you to follow their sizing guidelines; Small = 28″ – 30″, Medium = 31″ – 33″, Large = 34″ – 36″, Extra Large = 37″ – 39″.

Recommendation: Grab yourself a pair!  Simple as that. I really think if you are a thong lover you are going to really enjoy these.  If you have never tried a thong before this would be the perfect piece for you to try and and “get your training wheels”!

Off of the top of my head, the Good Devil Zoom Thong is available at;, FreshPair, Be-Brief, and International Jock.

Enjoy gentlemen!  I am sure you will…

As always if you have a pair of these undies or when you get yourself a pair, please comment, tell us all what your experience was like!


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  • Phil London#1

    26 Sep 2011 (Monday)

    I enjoyed your review – I agree, if a thong is well-made & fits properly then it’s as comfortable as other kinds of underwear. I recently bought a Good Devil Zoom Carnival bikini brief (not thong). I like it a lot. It’s very low-cut, which I find sexy, with a flattering pouch that comfortably holds things up front, and a brief rio-style back. The material is the only thing I’m not totally impressed by – it’s a little too nylon-feeling, and not quite stretchy enough. But it’s swings and roundabouts, because the more stretchy fabrics can get to feel constricting after a while, and this brief doesn’t do that. Overall, a really good piece of underwear, and maybe I’ll try the thong next!


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