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This piece was a bit of a surprise when it arrived, as I was not expecting it.  Actually I opened a delivery and found a few extra surprises, in the box, that you will be able to read about soon.  ((There is just so many hours in a day to wear and try out underwear and swimwear))

Good Devil Zoom Boxer BlueMy good friends at snuck this in a delivery that arrived last week with the Good Devil Zoom Thong that I reviewed the other day.

I pulled it out of the package; like I mentioned before Good Devil pieces all come in this perfect re-sealable bag, ((and reusable)) right there the attention to detail starts and I have yet to see where it ends.

Over the past several years it has become clear to me that you do not have to be an established brand to break into the business and create an outstanding pair of underwear.

The brand name or label is not as important as the cut, the fit and the experience of wearing a great pair next to your skin.

This is exactly what matters…and I hope that it goes without saying that word of mouth helps you make decisions on what you add to your collection and enjoy wearing, creating the perfect experience for you.

Here is how it all played out…

I see this perfectly folded, bright red fabric folded in the re-sealable bag…I say to myself, “OH what is this?”

Pull it out…

My initial reaction is “hot damn” ((I know not a very professional thing to say but I am not going to apologize for that, this is about passion and feeling.))

At first, and I will be honest here, I am worried about this piece.

How is it going to look on me?

I slip on over to the laptop, look up the piece and here I am looking at the model and holding these undies in my hand…

The fabric feels amazing.  Light and yet solid. I am totally on board with the blend of 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex for this piece.

I pause for a moment and look at the stitching.  Again, solid and clean. More attention to detail.

My thoughts are, there is no way I am going to look this good, when I am comparing myself to the model.

I strip down.

Slide them on.

Damn, I just put on a second skin.  Wow!

It took me a bit to get accustom to the lower rise on these with the smaller waistband.

In the past I have worn low rise but they have had the traditional elastic waist band.

It did not take me more than a couple seconds to start nodding my head and say to myself, “Self, these are hot undies!”

So I kept them on for the rest of the day…here are some things to share with you that I noticed;

  • The low rise cut is comfortable and if you are not accustom to this it will take you a little bit of an adjustment; however, if you pull them up so the Good Devil Zoom Boxer Redwaistband is where you are usually sporting your underwear, you will effectively create a “Daisy Duke” look and with looking at all aspects this can work for you…so go for it.
  • The fabric, moves, stretches, comes back, supports and sits where you need it.
  • Frontal enhancement construction in the brief offers you a “shelf” to sit on so your business is taken care of.  I did find for myself in size Large I could have used the support seam just a little bit further back behind the boys, however this was easy to manoeuvre around and yet still be comfortable all day.
  • I do tend to run hot here.  I have a pretty high metabolism and it does not take me a lot to sweat and with the coverage of these undies I was a little bit on the moist side while I was out running around town taking care of errands and what not.
  • I found them very comfy to just kick back and relax on the couch while watching television. ((This is something I usually do commando to be honest.))

One other thing that I did notice about these briefs is that you could actually wear them pool side for tanning, not sure they would be ideal for swimming, perhaps if you just needed to take a dip to cool off, yet you could totally pull these off as pool or beach wear.

Here is something that is important to note, in my honest opinion, you do not need to be built like the model in the photos here, for this brief to work for you.  You will feel sexy, strong and comfortable no matter what you are sporting.

I did feel pretty damn close to the model when I put them on.

To share with you on an even more intimate level, the special someone in my life was all over me while I was wearing them and that sure made me feel even that much more sexy.

Think about it, I was shopping for groceries for supper that night and it dawns on me what I am wearing ((again these briefs are so comfortable that you almost forget they are there)) and you smile to myself, and then I get home and it all unfolds from there…a romantic sexy night without any planning…

How can you go wrong there?

So again I just have to say this; get yourself a pair!

Please do pay attention to the sizing guide for Good Devil – up it one….from your normal size.  Take a look at the sizing guide in my Good Devil Zoom Thong review.

OK enough turnipHed – shut up and tell us where to find them!!!

Ok here you have it; the Good Devil Zoom Boxer is available at;, International JockMensuas, HisRoom and Erogenos.

I would really love to hear from anyone that has a pair of these or gets a pair of these.

Your feedback would be great, help out others and share your experience…

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