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Homemade Hamburger HelperI got into a brief discussion last night on Twitter with plan9 when he posted that he was having “hamburger helper” for supper. 

Now I had to jump on that comment because the other night shhortBus and I had gotten together to have supper and watch TV and we both thought that we needed something easy to make for supper and when I mentioned Hamburger Helper, we both started to salivate.

So shhortBus stopped at his corner market on the way home from work, super convenient because it really is on his way home from work and I have to say I am a teeny bit jealous of that, to pick up the supplies for supper while I gathered up my stuff and headed over to his place.

Well unfortunately for the Hamburger Helper franchise, this market does not have any of their products.

Fortunately for shhortBus and I we have imaginations and are pretty good with throwing things together and coming up with a tasty, easy, simple meal!  Bonus points for us!

So this is what shhortBus grabbed from the market;

  • package of ground beef ((feel free to use whatever meat you want; sausage, turkey et cetera, just season it!))
  • dried pasta noodles – you need heavy noodles so something like rotini, it needs to balance out the weight for texture
  • bottle of Passata with basil – basically tomato purée with basil added for flavour ((honestly an excellent staple to have on hand))
  • fresh tarragon  ((this added a different twang to it, tarragon tends to be used in cream sauces but I have to admit that I love the different flavour it brings with a tomato based sauce – there are rules that can be broken when it comes to cooking!))

And this is what he did;

  • cooked up the ground beef ((Italian sausage works great too we have done that before)) with diced up red onion ((nicer flavour)) and minced garlic, fresh ground coarse pepper to taste ((so that means LOTS))
  • boiled pasta
  • once the meat was cooked, added the Passata to a sauce pan, added the tarragon, mixed well and let simmer for a bit to get all the flavours to meld together ((great time to mix yourself another cocktail or pour another glass of wine))
  • added the cooked pasta to the sauce and blended it all together

We dined! Simple as that!

It was amazing!

Feel free to throw in some hard cheese here as well – like parmesan, fresh is better of course.  ((What I would really love to do next time we do this is mix in the parmesan the put in a baking dish, cover with some really sharp swiss cheese and bake it!))

The other night I did the same thing with the sausages that you see in this picture in the other frying pan.

Damn it was good.  I made it for myself while shhortBus was getting ready to head out for a birthday dinner with his best friend and as he was smelling it he mentioned a couple of times he was thinking of cancelling because it smelled so good.  ((not to toot my own horn or anything))

I will add this; we did finish it all up that night, after making sure shhortBus had enough to take to work with him the next day and the other night when I did this with the Italian sausages, he had a bowl when he came back from his birthday dinner!

The key to cooking – well there are two  of them; do not be scared to try new things, TASTE it as you go along….oh and wait, here is a third thing, have fun with it.

If you give this a try – write back here and tell me how it goes over…

If you can’t find Passata in your market – just grab enough tins of tomato purée and season it yourself with some basil and you will be on the right track!

And again, just one more time, HAVE FUN!



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