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Intymen Swing Enhance ThongIt has been a while since a pair of underwear has really had an impact on me. Opening the package and pulling out the Intymen Swing Enhance Thong, in a very sexy red, I first said to myself, “NICE!”

Upon doing a bit more digging around I learned that the Swing Enhance Thong is part of a line of undies; briefs, jockstraps and a trunk cut boxer brief. So really now all bases are covered and there is something for everyone’s taste.

So here we go, I took a good look at these undies and took note of the stitching and construction of the garment. I noticed that there was solid stitching which in my mind lends itself to “attention to detail” which is important when you are taking care of your goods.

Two more things caught my eye before I jumped in, the embossed logo on the front of the thong, near the hip, was pretty sexy and cool. Not only do I enjoy the logo but it looked good there when I held up the undies.

Next thing I noticed was the special built in “package hammock” that picks up your goods, separates from the body. Now this offers you a couple great functions.

Firstly, who is against some package lift? I don’t know about you but the one thing I hate is getting the goods squished when I put on a pair of undies.

I have gone on record before as saying that bras are made for bumps, so why isn’t men’s underwear consistently made for our bumps!?

Secondly, thinking about summer, that extra separation is going to allow for extended breathabilty and help keep you cooler and more comfortable. Again, can you really argue with that?

One thing to note when looking at the front of the Swing Enhance, it looks a bit funny but once you fill it out and ensure you have that hammock in the right spot you will say to yourself, “ah okay there I get it!”

So then I jumped into them. Felt good. Not just the fabric but the cut as well.

Quick thoughts:

  • light weight fabric excellent for summer comprised of 92% cotton and 8% spandex, ensuring you get the proper size for your build will ensure extended comfort and support
  • I really love the fact that this is not cut like a traditional thong or g-string. If you wear low-rise pants with your shirt untucked and happen to lift your arms and you raise your shirt up a bit, no one else will know you are wearing a thong, it will look like you are just wearing a pair of briefs. Drop those pants and surprise.

I wore these pretty much all day, for about 10 hours, without any compromise to the fit and comfort level. Mind you it was not a very active day.

Now I will be honest when I did hit the couch after ditching my jeans and throwing on my comfy shorts to watch TV for a while, I did get the urge to get out of them and let the boys swing free. However, we can just sum that up to a personal preference.

There are a few points that crossed my mind while I was wearing these. Not only did I give these undies a try but my partner threw them on for a while and had some input as well.

Now take this for what you will according to your own preferences; yet in sharing these points with you I am only being honest about what I look for in underwear for myself and youIntymen Swing Enhance Thong may look for something else.

  • I would have preferred a heavier weight to the elastic waistband. The thickness of the waistband is perfect for this piece and when I refer to thickness I mean the distance from top of waistband to the edge of the fabric.
  • I think the fabric could be a slightly heavier weight just for that added support factor, especially if you run warm and tend to sweat a bit and plan on wearing these undies on a day to day basis for regular wear, not just for “play time” as it were.
  • Care instructions should be followed closely; hand wash with cold water ((although I put them in the front loading washing machine on delicate, in a garment bag and they held up well.)) No bleach, no ironing and NO drying! ((Fabrics with spandex, or the like, blends do not experience the same life span when you throw them in the dryer.))
  • I would prefer to see the label/care instructions embossed with a process called “direct to garment” transfer, similar to silk screening or barring that a tag that can be completely removed from the piece. ((This to me is just a personal preference for underwear and the label is not visible at all when wearing this piece.))

So having said all that, really what are you waiting for, grab a pair. You will have fun. If you have worn thongs before I am quite sure you will enjoy this one for sure.

If you have not worn a thong before and usually wear briefs, throw caution to the wind and order a pair and it just might change your mind and you will be hooked! I know I am.

Overall Impression Scale: After all is said, done, washed and worn; I think these undies deserve an 8 out of 10.

FIT: 8/10
STYLE & CUT: 9/10
VALUE: 8/10

Where to find Intymen Swing Enhance Thong as well as other pieces from the Swing Enhance collection; International Jock, UnderGear, NuWear, Moda Audaci, Underwear Station, Deals By Ethan

Colours Available: Black, Red, White


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