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This definitely is a pair of undies the likes I have not yet worn and was an interesting experience for sure.  I am really glad that I did get my “hands” on a pair of these, otherwise I would have never tried them out.

The Good Devil Mesh Brief is constructed in a blend of Polyamide 92% and Spandex 8% in a super fine mesh that is actually very soft, supportive and comfortable.

The support comes from clever construction and cutting the lines to flow with the natural shape of a man’s body and never compromises your movements.

The fabric is stretchy enough to give your package the room it needs while ensuring you stay in place and will not have to fight the urge to readjust during that important board meeting.

The fine sheer mesh also, for obvious reasons, allows you to breathe, which is ideal from those hot summer days or perhaps in winter when you have to bundle up but do not want to be a sweaty mess.

I really liked the way the “hammock like” pouch was constructed in this brief, it was designed to fit like a glove, which is important if you are going to wear these briefs for an extended period of time.

So here you have an option for a sexy pair of undies that you can wear to work all day, or just for play time or heck why not both?

In fact, I did wear the Good Devil Mesh Brief all day and until I went to the washroom I had completely forgot that I was wearing them.  My package was where it needed to be, the leg seams stayed in place and the waistband did not move or bunch.  It was almost I was wearing that favourite old pair of underwear we all know we have.

It is important that the washing instructions for these briefs be followed, but it is super simple to hand wash and hang dry a pair of mesh briefs.  They will be dry before you know it.

6600-mesh-brief-native-white-2There was one aesthetic set back from me with these briefs which would be a simple solution to solve. The care instructions tag.

As I mentioned in my previous article on the Intymen Swing Enhance Thong about the care instructions tag.

It would not be possible to imprint the care instructions directly on to the fabric without detracting from the sexiness of these briefs.

However, the tag hanging down off the inside of the waistband is just as distracting.

An enhancement to the wear-ability of these briefs, a small detail, would be to have the tag stitched in separately so once you had them in your hot hands you could grab a stitch ripper and remove the tag without compromising the integrity of the waistband as well as how the waistband is attached to the fabric in the seat of the brief.

If you were really clever you might be able to cut the tag close enough, however, I have tried that once before and that little bit of a stub rubbed and scratched and drove me right round the bend.

You can also simply just tuck the tag up, fold it over and hide it in the waistband for when it is time to show off all of your assets.

I just simply found the tag being there very distracting.  If you notice in the photo included in this article, look closely at the absence of the tag there!

Overall Impression Scale: After all is said, done, washed and worn; I think these undies deserve an 7.5 out of 10.

FIT: 8/10
STYLE & CUT: 8/10
VALUE: 7/10

Where to find The Good Devil Mesh Brief collection; International Jock, Skiviez, Moda Audaci, Underwear Station, Erogenos, Mensuas, Deal by Ethan, Skivvies.

Colours available: Black, Blue, Red and White in solid colours or with the addition of some funky designs worked into the mesh in the seat of the briefs.

More Photos: If you wanted to get a glimpse of other photos, angles and the pattern design on the seat of these briefs I would recommend visiting Good Devil at Underwear Station.


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