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tim tebow jockeyI set today aside to get caught up on “stuff & things,” you know the “this and that” which tends to pile up on you; everything from laundry, cleaning to catching up on my blogroll.  All was going pretty smoothly up until about an hour ago when I came across an article over at

The article I am referring to, states that Jockey Underwear ((which will no longer be linked to from here until they apologise and make retribution for their actions)) has signed on Tim Tebow, with a multi-year contract, as their spokesperson.

Tim Tebow participated in a “highly-publicized anti-choice, [and] anti-abortion ads for an anti-gay, evangelical group [associated with] Focus on the Family” and Jockey sees a partnership in Tebow’s values.

Now hang in with me for a second here I have a few things to say about this, I am going to throw this out there and then touch on each of them…so hang on people here we go.

  1. What does underwear have to do with choice or abortion?
  2. What does underwear have to do with your sexuality?  Being sexy, supported, dry, comfortable and offering you value – oh sure that works for me.  Big time.

This entire situation is not unlike what is currently occurring with Target and Best Buy for their recent donations to groups that they thought or perhaps it appeared would assist themselves.  In the aftermath it appears that they may have not taken adequate investigative measures and are now facing a deluge of controversy.

That behaviour in my eyes is inexcusable. If you do not investigate where you are going to spend your money and then it turns foul, you reap those rewards.

This is NOT unlike making an uninformed purchase decision whether it be a purchase for a fan for the living room or a car.  Do your research.  Just seems to make sense to me.

So let us look at this, and hopefully I challenge you to think. “What does underwear have to do with freedom of choice and abortion?

I can not see any direct coorelation whatsoever, other than perhaps if people didn’t look so sexy in their underwear it might not lead to anything else.

Oh but wait, isn’t that is what; being a responsible person, condoms, saying “no” and just not being in front of a person of the opposite sex in your “sexy” underwear is all about? ((I say opposite sex because I am referring to the possibility of pregnancy and what not — that does not seem to happen with the homosexuals – go figure))

Call me crazy ((and I know a few of you have, and that is all cool with me)) but I thought underwear was about taking care of your; bumps, humps and groves?

The next challenge that I have, brings me to this point, no matter how you identify yourself with regards to your sexuality, personality or really let us just say this, what you just simply are…let’s just encompass that broad spectrum, do you not just want to wear an undergarment; bra, panty, brief, thong, gstring, boxer brief – need I really go on, that you do not have to think about?

Let me be so bold as to say, basically we want an undergarment that you do not have to constantly readjust — let us just call that the “umbrella statement here”.

So here is a bit of a challenge to Jockey.  Why don’t you spend you money where your “fabric” is.

Why don’t you focus on Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Testicular Cancer and do I need to go on?

Why don’t you find a spokesperson that can represent that of which you are supposed to be taking care of and literally supporting?

Let us go way out on a limb here, but really in my eyes, what Jockey just did would be like the Dairy Farmers of America, supporting the Beef Farmers vs. Oprah Winfrey.


One thing I want to touch on for sure is the photo that I have included which refers to Isaiah 40:31; “but those who hope in the LORD  will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

Find that strength within yourself…you know you can do it!

So at the end of it all…if you want to still wear Jockey underwear because it is the ONLY thing that works for you and you have tried others, then go ahead, wear them, just have the balls or boobs to stand up, or should I say out, for it.

You better have a good argument why you can support your position.  I promise you I will listen objectively.  You are always entitled to your voice.

For now, good bye Jockey…

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  • turnipHed#1

    24 Aug 2010 (Tuesday)

    I received an email from Jockey in response to my posting, thought I would share it with you all here…

    Thank you for your email, Turnip.

    Whenever we engage in any marketing activity, we want to hear from the public, whether its in the form of approval or disapproval.

    Please rest assured that we’re looking at Tim as an outstanding athlete with a very bright future.  And so his work with Jockey will focus specifically on his role as an athlete whose perseverance and dedication to excellence allign with our brand.  Jockey is always focused on the next big thing and we think Tim is it.   We–like Nike and EAS who inked deals with Tim before us–select partners that we believe are for the greater good of the business and the brand.

    Again, thank you for sharing with us.  Our marketing team will be carefully tracking all the feedback we get in customer service, as well as feedback expressed in other forms, such as social media.

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.

    Kate S.Customer

    So this basically tells me it is okay to pick and choose what is appropriate and what is not appropriate can just be swept under the carpet and ignored and that one does not have to be accountable for all of one’s actions.

    I do strongly believe that Mr. Tebow has every right to follow his feelings and beliefs, just like Jockey has the right to chose who they wish to represent them; though each entity must be prepared to reap the benefits and set backs of decisions made.

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.


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