Yup, I Had An Interesting Day




So it started with our first flight of the day. Had a guy get lippy with me when I was really friendly, yes I can be friendly, asking him twice to “say good bye to his friends and turn off his phone.”

Well his response, “You need to stay in your place!”

Did you just….???

Well I found out he gave our agents at the airport a bit of ‘tude, so he got a lecture from the pilot and we continued on.

“Dude” slept the entire flight.


So here is where the excitement really begins.

I have a PAX that asks me to warm up a baby bottle for her. Ok sure no problem “Nanny” is in my job title as well.

I grab the bottle, go to the back galley, grab an empty water bottle, that has the top cut off of it, drop in the baby bottle and start to add hot water from the spout on the coffee maker.

Well the baby bottle explodes, along with it, HOT, no I am not talking warm but HOT, water splashes all over my face and into my EYE.

So we immediately start flushing out my eye with water, get out my “poached” contact lens and put ice on my eye.

We have an hour left in flight, so I basically sat there with cold towels on my eye, feeling like an idiot.

We land, work has arranged for EMS to meet the flight to check me out. It is my eye, not going to take any chances. So I get escorted to the waiting ambulance buy this EMS dude and the “care” starts.

The 2 women that took care of me in the ambulance were SO cool. Love to go out for drinks with them.

We get to the hospital and I am bracing for a wait….

Nope never happened.

Got to meet some REALLY cool nurses. We goofed around, joked around and one of them was hungry so I was rooting around in my lunch kit for something to give her to eat.

Got a really cool doctor, she was really down-to-earth, but good at what she did.

I was probably only in the ER for about 30 minutes.

I called work. Told them I had been discharged and told to not work or wear contacts for a few days and keep putting drops in my eye to make sure it stays wet.

Well no flights left that day to get me home, so they send a car to come and get me. Only thing is I have to wait for about 90 minutes for the car to show up.

No big deal, the Turnip is hungry so off to the cafeteria.

Met a really cool nurse at the elevators that snuck me on the staff elevator because I was dragging on my luggage behind me. “No need to deal with all that crap in the other elevators.”

Ate. Changed out of my uniform so I didn’t look like such a dork. Plus didn’t want to be identified as an “airline employee” and be asked questions etc.

Headed outside, with my super cool shades on of course, sat at a table under an umbrella, did a few crosswords and Soduko puzzles.

Got to watch a Med-Evac helicopter take off, then another one land. TOTALLY COOL! ((Turnip loves helicopters but has never been in one – it is a goal to achieve this year))

So my car shows up, it is a sweet Lincoln Sedan. Totally decked out. DVD player, comfy leather seats with MASSAGERS! I got a massage the whole way back! It was about a 2 hour drive from the hospital to my apartment and damn that was the best ride ever.

My driver was stressing because he was supposed to be back at the airport for a pick up but in my little inside voice I was saying, “Shut up can’t you see I am enjoying…ohh yeah that is the spot….this ride!?”

So, know I am at home. Looking through one eye and typing this out.

Gonna go and relax, maybe put in a movie and “listen” to it.

Oh one thing I forgot to mention – I can’t get over how many phone calls from work I have gotten. Human Resources, Crew Sked, Emergency Response, Management have all called to see if I am okay and if I need anything.

Ya I need someone to go and finish packing up the stuff at my old apartment and bring it to the new apartment.

And just an update. My friend that tragically lost his cat yesterday is still hanging in there. He is still miserable and heart broken. My heart is broken too. But, today he said to me that he is “okay” and that is an improvement.

He likes radishes so I think tomorrow I will go get some radishes and hang them on his door knob.

Gotta stop writing – the lighting is not perfect here right now and staring at this bright screen is not very comfortable.

Hope you are all happy and safe this weekend!


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